External Review Team Conference Call

External Review Team Conference Call:
Preparing the Team for Off-site Review Work
<insert date>
• Prepare team members for off-site
review work
• Discuss External Review Team
• Provide context of the system
• Discuss schedule/logistics
• Q&A
Team Member Training
Beginning Spring, 2015, online team member training
is required
• At the end of the course, you will be able to:
– Speak articulately about AdvancED and the AdvancED
Accreditation Protocol.
– Promote the purpose and value of the External Review.
– Understand the role and responsibilities of an active member
of the External Review Team.
– Prepare for off-site essential tasks before the External Review.
– Prepare for on-site essential tasks during the External Review
• Access the training at:
– https://advanced.instructure.com/enroll/DNMHNT
Team Member Workspace
School and System Expectations
• Meet AdvancED Accreditation Standards for Quality
<insert appropriate information about school – see
a continuous improvement process
•• Conduct
New state
•– Executive
Core Standards
• Standards Self Assessment
– Assessment System
• Stakeholder Feedback Diagnostic
– Program Review
• Student Performance Diagnostic
– Teacher Evaluations
• Improvement Plan
• School
closings and reconfigurations
• Assurances
used to validate and
•• Host
guide strategic
• Respond
to Improvement
Index of Education Quality™
The Index of Education Quality (IEQ) provides a
holistic measure of overall performance based on
data from each AdvancED Standard and
The work of the External Review Team will be
centered around the Domains of the IEQ.
Team Member Assignments
• Team Members will be assigned to a Standard and
an IEQ Domain.
– Standard assignment – responsible for leading the
team in the discussion and analysis of the evidence
– IEQ Domain – responsible for working with the
Domain team to make connections between related
Indicators and supporting evidence.
• All Team Members will individually rate every
Indicator and Evaluative Criteria.
Team Member Assignments
Team Member
1 – insert name, insert name
2 – insert name, insert name
3 - insert name, insert name
4 - insert name, insert name
5 - insert name, insert name
Standards and IEQ Domains
Teaching and Learning Impact
• Standard 3 – Teaching and
Assessing for Learning
• Standard 5 – Using Results for
Continuous Improvement
Leadership Capacity
• Standard 1 – Purpose and
• Standard 2 – Governance and
Resource Utilization
• Standard 4 – Resources and
Support Systems
Team Member Off-site Review Work
• Review/study Self-Assessment (SA) and Executive Summary
– Are the artifacts relevant to standard indicators?
– Does the artifact(s) inform the standard indicator?
– How?
• Use the External Review Team Workbook to record your review
Questions to ask stakeholders
Artifacts to review
Patterns and/or trends
Successes and/or challenges
“Listen for’s” during interviews and presentations
Potential Powerful Practices and Opportunities for Improvement
• Review institution’s website
– Insert website address
Team Member Off-site Review Work
• Review additional documents
– Stakeholder Feedback and Student Performance
– System Improvement/Strategic Plan
– Assurances
• Team members will share an overview of the
evidence for their assigned standard and IEQ
Domain during team meetings
• Bring your laptop (optional)
Observing Effective Learning Environments
Purposes of observation
• Team members will use the Effective Learning
Environment Observation Tool™ (eleot™)
• Identify and document observable evidence of
the classroom environments conducive to student
• Results used to corroborate information obtained
Student performance data
Stakeholder feedback data
© 2012 AdvancED
External Review Schedule
Evening Prior to Start of External Review
 Team work session # 1 / Prepare for Day 1
Day 1
 School presentation/Leadership interview
 Interviews with stakeholders
 Evening work session # 2 / Prepare for Day 2
Day 2
 Clarify unknowns / interviews
 Work session # 3 (Final work session) - Discussions /
 Prepare Exit Report
 Meet with Head of System / Principal
 Deliver Exit Report to stakeholders
Insert the following information:
• Hotel name, address, phone, website
Check-in time
• LE cell number
• Team Work Session # 1 – insert meeting
• Team Dinner – insert time

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