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Classroom rules,
pocedures and
Classroom rules
• 1. Be on time
• 2. Be prepared
• Have all of your materials ready, be ready to learn etc.
• 3. Be on task
• Pay attention, be quiet, do what is expected of you etc.
• 4. Respect
• Yourself, others and things
• 5. We are family
• Support each other, have patience with one another, encourage each other, help each other etc.
Entering and leaving the classroom
• When you come in,
please line up your chair
so we have several rows
looking like this
• Please leave the
classroom NEAT and
organized in rows)
Working in groups
When asked to work
in groups please
organize your chairs
like this
Assigning groups
• We will randomly assign the groups you
will be working in (from now until the 1st
test). After the 1st test we will mix up the
• Everyday you will sit next to the people
Group 2
in your group in the same classroom area
(you will get to pick it)
Group 1
• Everyday when you walk into the classroom you are expected to complete
the bellwork on a site called
• Most of the time it will consist on answering a few questions from the
concepts that you learned on the previous class
• Please bring a computer, phone or tablet to complete the bellwork. Let me
know (at least 24 hrs in advance) if you do no have an electronic device so I
can print a copy for you.
• Bellwork will be graded and will be a part of your quizzes grade
Science website
• We will be using both Blackboard and the website below as means of
communication (homework, notes, links, info about the class etc.)
Top 3 students
• After each test, the top three students will be recognized by the teacher and
will receive a prize
• If you are: talking, using electronic devices, eating, being distracting etc. you
will receive a warning
• At the third warning I will ask you to leave the classroom. You will be
marked as absent
• No late homework will be accepted
• I will only accept presentable homework (without wrinkles, stains etc)
Unacceptable homework:
Food or Drinks
• Not allowed in the classroom
• No bathroom passes
• You need to be in the classroom at all times
Tell me about yourself
Please answer in complete sentences
On the heading write your name, class and ID #
Tell me anything about you (family, likes, dislikes etc)
Are you involved in any school clubs? Do you have any hobbies?
How would you describe yourself ?
Why are you in this class? What do you expect from this class?
What goals do you have for this semester?
What do you expect from your teacher?
Describe the best and the worst class you have ever had. What made that class good?
What made the other class bad?
• What would you like to know about the teacher?

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