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Updated | 5/9/2012
What We’ll Cover Today
Benito Cachinero, SVP, HR, DuPont
Introducing Extend Health
Understanding Supplemental Medicare Insurance
Next Steps
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Introducing Extend Health
The Industry’s Largest Private Medicare Exchange
Who is Extend Health?
• Independent company, dedicated to serving Medicareeligible retirees
• Partner with 75+ health plan carriers to provide you
coverage to fit your individual needs and budget
• Objective and Trusted U. S. –based licensed benefit
• Focused on helping each participant make an informed
and confident decision
Why Extend Health?
• We are experienced in helping people just
like you
• Our services are provided at no cost to you
Plans & Partners
• All Medicare Plan Types
Medicare Advantage
Prescription Drug (Part D)
• Vision
• Dental
Select Carrier Partners
Medigap Plan + Part D Plan
MEDIGAP (Medicare Supplement)
A Medigap plan fills the “gaps” in original Medicare Part A and
Part B coverage (i.e., helps pay the difference between your costs
and the amount original Medicare pays). These plans provide
additional coverage for your doctor visits and hospital stays as
well as other expenses not covered by original Medicare.
A Part D plan supplements Medigap to provide prescription drug
coverage. These plans help pay for your prescription drug
You will need to pay your first premium when you enroll…
Medicare Advantage Plan with
Prescription Drug Coverage (MAPD)*
An MAPD plan provides an all-in-one plan which bundles
your Part A, Part B and prescription drug coverage together
with additional benefits. These plans provide coverage for
your doctor visits, hospital stays, and prescription drug
* Note that Medicare Advantage plans are generally
network based plans
The Process
Getting Started Guide
 Gather information
 Current prescriptions and
preferred physicians
 Current coverage and health
 Give us a call toll-free at
 Visit us online
* Pre-existing conditions will not limit your
plan selection - except end-stage renal disease
Enrollment Guide
• Prepare for your for
enrollment discussion
• Review Medicare basics
• Appointment confirmation
Decision Support Tools
• Help Me Choose
• Prescription
Evaluate and Enroll
Extend Health’s Benefit
Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday
8 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Eastern Time
100% domestic workforce
Objective advocacy
Neutral compensation
Extend University
Certified and appointed
Average age 43
Call Extend Health Toll-Free at
Enrollment Process
Benefit Advisors can
discuss coverage options
with anyone – need to
speak to the participant to
complete the enrollment
Once you have made a
coverage selection,
enrollment is conducted via
100% of calls are recorded
Medicare & You
Your Future Coverage
Primary Coverage
Medicare Parts A & B
Additional Coverage (Your Choice)
Medigap + Prescription Drug (PDP)
Medicare Advantage with
Prescription Drug (MAPD)
Optional Coverage (Your Choice)
Dental and Vision
Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage
For 2013 (Part D Plan)
Initial Coverage
You pay
* Deductible and Co-payments for your plan
* Coverage for the first $2,970 in Actual Cost of medications
Coverage Gap – Donut Hole
You pay
* 50% of Brand Drugs and 79% of Generics
Until out of pocket costs reach $4,750
Catastrophic Coverage
You pay
* $2.65 for Generics and $6.60 for Brand
Or 5% which ever is greater
Health Reimbursement
Arrangement (HRA)
What Is An HRA?
• Tax-advantaged account used to reimburse you
for eligible health care expenses
• You must meet DuPont’s eligibility requirements
to qualify for HRA
• Your HRA funds will be available January 1, 2013
Who is Eligible?
 You are eligible for a Health Reimbursement
Arrangement (HRA) account if DuPont currently
helps you pay for the cost of your group plan
 You received information on your HRA in your
announcement package from DuPont
 You and your eligible spouse/dependent(s) will have a
joint account
Your HRA amount
 If you have Medical, Rx and Dental coverage or just Medical
and Dental from DuPont TODAY* you’ll receive $1,400 annual
allocation (prorated based on the retirees pension adjustment
 Participants enrolled in a medical only plan TODAY* will
receive $1,200 annual allocation (prorated based on the
retirees pension adjustment factor)
 Participants enrolled in dental only TODAY* will receive $200
annual allocation (prorated based on the retirees pension
adjustment factor)
 You must enroll in a plan through Extend Health in order to
qualify for your HRA.
 Extend Health Benefits Advisors will confirm your HRA amount
when you speak with them.
*You must maintain coverage through
Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA)
 HRA Enrollment Kit
Initial batch mailed in late December
Ongoing will be mailed prior to beginning of month coverage
Confirms HRA amount
Describes eligible expenses
Includes claim and direct deposit request form
Reminder how to use HRA, where to get support, reminder of
dedicated toll-free line
Health Reimbursement Account: How It Works
DuPont allocates
benefit dollars to
HRA accounts of
eligible participants
Administered by
Extend Health
Participant works
through Extend
Health to enroll in
individual coverage
Participant is
reimbursed for
expenses using
HRA benefit
How to File a Paper Claim
Participant pays plan
Extend Health
reimburses customer
Participant fills out
claim form, attaches
proof of payment
Extend Health
verifies receipt of
payment and
EH HRA - Manual Claim Form
How Auto-Reimbursement Works
Participant pays
plan premium to
insurance carrier
Extend Health
reimburses participant
Insurance carrier forwards
receipt of payment to
Extend Health
Extend Health
verifies receipt of
payment and
What is Auto-Reimbursement?
 Auto-Reimbursement (AR) allows retirees to be automatically
reimbursed for monthly medical and prescription premiums
without submitting a claim form or receipt
 Auto-reimbursement only applies to premiums paid, not out-ofpocket expenses like copayments, deductibles, coinsurance
 AR is NOT available on all plans
 Due to the timing of Auto-Reimbursement files AR is usually
not the fastest way to get a reimbursement
Next Steps
Before Calling Extend Health
Review Getting Started Guide
Gather Medicare Card,
prescriptions, & doctor information
Call Extend Health Toll-Free at
Post Enrollment Customer Service
• Advocacy and support services:
— Toll Free number to contact Extend Health
— Direct support for claims issues, appeals and network
• Renewal process – ability to pick new coverage for future
years – not locked into this year’s coverage choice forever
— Enrollment elections are generally for a one year period
• Ongoing enrollment services as retiree or spouse turns age
Retirees or Covered Spouses Who Are
Not Yet Eligible for Medicare
Dependents who are not yet eligible for Medicare do not need to
take any action at this time
DuPont-sponsored group programs for pre-Medicare retirees and
eligible spouses remain available
Once you or your spouse/dependents become eligible for Medicare,
you will have access to the new individual program, including
enrollment support offered through Extend Health
What You Need To Do
Action required by current participants in
DuPont-sponsored group coverage!
Enroll in Medicare Part B if not already enrolled
Contact Extend Health
• Call 855-535-7140
• Schedule a meeting with a benefit advisor
• Learn more about the individual coverage options available to
• Benefit advisors available:
 Monday through Friday (Tip! Call on Thursday or Friday,
and not on Monday morning)
 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time
Questions & Answers

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