HRA Ice-Breaker Meeting

HRA Ice-Breaker Meeting!
JANUARY 23, 2012
Meet Our 2011-2012 Executive Board
President: Katherine Noren
Vice President: Kasey Kovak
Director of Corporate Relations: Angelika Regier
Director of Finance: Courtney Trimble & Katelyn
 Director of Public Outreach: Emily Kasper
 Director of Operations: Hilary Schroeder
Contact us anytime with questions!
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: MSU Human Resource Association
Benefits of Joining HRA
An HRA Membership includes a
Student Membership with the
Society for Human Resource
HRA gives students interested in
HR the opportunity to network with
HR professionals.
As a member of HRA you will get
the latest information on
opportunities around campus.
Attendance Point System
 Prizes would be given to the member with the most
points at the end of the semester.
General Meetings: 4 points
Fundraiser Events: 3 points
Service/ Community Events: 3 points
Social Events: 2 points
 We will be announcing the winner from last semester
at our next meeting!
Ice-Breaker Exercise
 Three in Common Game!
 Get into groups of 4
 Your objective is for each group to find 3 things you
all have in common.
 But not normal things like age, sex, major, year, hair
color, etc.
 It must be three uncommon things!

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