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Be a flu fighter
Induction for new staff
What is seasonal flu?
• Seasonal flu is highly infectious and a very common viral illness
• It is spread through coughs and sneezes
• Symptoms can make you feel so exhausted and unwell you cannot get out of bed
• You can pass on the virus a day before and up to six days after the symptoms start
•15-20 per cent of population contract the flu every year
•You can carry and pass on the virus without noticing symptoms yourself
What’s the difference between seasonal flu and swine flu?
The answer – not a lot!
• Swine flu is a relatively new strain of flu
• It’s difficult to tell the difference as both have similar symptoms
• They are also spread the same way.
What can you do to fight flu?
There is only one way to fight flu and prevent the spread of the virus if you
work on the frontline of the NHS:
Get vaccinated
Flu facts
58.4 per cent of frontline NHS staff were vaccinated in 2013/2014
Sickness fell from 3.98 per cent in 2013-14 to 3.95 per cent, saving the NHS £10 million,
or 92,000 days
Flu kills. For most it is a virus which leaves you feeling exhausted. For vulnerable people
such as children, the elderly, those with long term health conditions and those who have
a weakened immune system it can lead to severe infections, complications and death.
Why is it important to get the jab?
The reasons are simple:
Protect yourself, your family and your patients
•Take responsibility for your own health and wellbeing. If you are sick, you
are not around to care for your patients, your colleagues may be under
more pressure and you could risk passing your illness to friends and
• The health of your family is important to you. Don’t put them at risk by
not getting the jab – especially if you have children or care for someone
• You have a duty of care to your patients. By not getting the flu jab you
risk passing on the virus to a high risk group who may not be able to
recover from influenza.
Flu facts
1. Flu kills – even healthy people
2. The side effects of the vaccination aren’t that bad
3. The flu jab is one of the safest in the world
4. The flu jab cannot give you the flu
5. Good hand hygiene and a good diet aren’t enough to stop flu.
Dr Phil Hammond agrees – look at this Youtube video
What should you do now?
• Book an appointment with your local occupational health team:
(Note to NHS organisations: bullet points on local information should be included on this slide e.g.
information on how to book appointments and contact details for occupational health or drop in
sessions, relevant links to areas of their website or intranet)
• Tell your colleagues why the flu jab is important
(Note to NHS organisations: you may want to have copies of the flu fighter campaign materials to
give out to staff so they can share with colleagues)
• Visit www.nhsemployers/flu for more information on staff flu vaccination
• Support and follow the campaign on twitter @NHSFlufighter and find us on
Facebook: www.facebook.com/nhsflufighter
• Visit www.nhs.uk/flu for general information on seasonal flu.

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