Data Manager

Data Manager
Business Intelligence Solutions
Data Mart and Data Warehouse
Data Warehouse Architecture
Dimensional Data Structure
Extract, transform and load (ETL)
IBM Cognos Data Manager
– Extract operational data from multiple sources (both relational and non-relational)
– Merges and transforms the data to facilitate enterprise-wide reporting, analysis, and
performance management
– Delivers the transformed data to coordinated
data marts that make up the data warehouse
– Can create metadata for use with
Cognos 8 BI tools such as Query
Studio and Analysis Studio and also
can be easily deployed and
scheduled using Cognos BI.
Key Features
1. Automated tasks and processes
Data Manager automates many of the complex process associated with data mart dimension and
fact table creation and management, without the need for manual coding.
Surrogate key management for dimension and fact tables
Data Manager can generate the surrogate key for the fact table using the business key.
surrogate key
business key
Surrogate key of the dimension table can be defined during the dimension build.
set up surrogate
key in dimension
Support for slowly changing dimensions(SCD)
Example of the SCD implementation from Granite dimension build:
Late arriving Fact and Unmatched members
Hierarchy definitions and implementations
A hierarchy is a particular view of a business dimension which organizes the structure data into levels that represent
parent-child relationships. Each hierarchy can have as many levels as you require.
Provide easy interface for processing ragged, unbalanced and recursive hierarchies
Unbalanced hierarchies have leaf nodes at more than one level with the parent of every member coming from the
level immediately above.
Balance an unbalanced hierarchies
Ragged hierarchies contain members that have parents at a level higher than the immediate parent level
Example of a ragged hierarchy
Parent-Child Relationships – Recursive Hierarchies
Example of
Create recursive
hierarchies using
data manager
Customized Refresh strategies in the Fact build
Example of customized refresh types in a fact build
2. Referential integrity validation
Data Manager reference explorer validates hierarchies within dimensions such as parent child relationships, multiple
parents and foster children, so issues can be resolved before data is loaded into the warehouse.
3. Scalable Architecture
Data Manager dimensional ETL provides flexible and responsive capabilities. An innovative dimensional reference model
allows the coordination and management of data marts of all shapes and sizes and across many different platforms.
Data Manager can use
multiple processors, one
processor for each job.
Example of jobstream
with parallel jobs.
4. Crafting an event process
A JobStream can multi-task events and allow commands to be executed in a parallel or serial manner.
Example of a JobStream in a serial manner
The developed JobStream can be published as Data Movement tasks into the IBM Cognos BI production environment,
where they can be added to jobs and be scheduled for execution.
Example of publish
JobStream as
Data Movement
Schedule a job
in Cognos
5. Easy deployment
Data Manager provides the ability to package components and easily move them from environment to environment and
test functions and scripts as they are developed in the same environment.
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