M3 Feature Test
Contains M3 features only
Layout Test 1: „Two Content Layout“
• Left Column Text
– This text has been
formatted directly
• Right Column Text
– This text has been formatted
on the master slide
Layout Test 2: „Comparison Layout“
Left Column Header
Left Column Text
The formatting of the left column has been changed on the
master slide
Right Column Header
• Right Column Text
• The right column has no
Layout Test 3: „Content
with Caption“
The text of this box has been
formatted on the slide. The
master‘s default formatting
hasn‘t been changed.
• This Textbox has been
formatted on the master
– Second Level
Layout Test 4: „Picture with Caption"
The picture will not be displayed, but the layout have to work.
Paragraph Test 1: „Numbering“
• Level 1
– Level 2
•Level 3
– Level 4
Paragraph Test 2: „Spacing and
This Text is indented (3cm)
This text has spacing before (1cm)
This text has spacing after (1cm)
This line has double line spacing
<5cm tab characters
Paragraph Test 3: „Text Alignment“
This text is aligned top
This text is aligned bottom
This text is rotated 90°
This Text is aligned center
This text is aligned right
This text is aligned left
Shape Test 1: „Lines“
Shape Test 2: „Rectangles“
Shape Test 3: „Basic Shapes“
Shape Test 4: „Equation Shapes“
Shape Test 5: „Flow Chart“
Shape Test 6: „Flow Chart“
Hyperlink Test
Link to Notepad.exe
Link to Applaus Sound
Background Test 1: „Fill Solid“
Background Test 2: „Transparency“
Arrange Test 1: „Group“
single group
< group of 2 groups
Arrange Test 2: „Order“
Send Backward
Send to Back
Bring to Front
Bring Forward

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