Forgiveness - Simple Bible Studies

What does forgive mean?
It has several definitions:
1. to stop being angry about or resenting
somebody or somebody's behavior
2. to excuse somebody for a mistake,
misunderstanding, wrongdoing, or
inappropriate behavior
3. to cancel an obligation such as a debt
Forgiveness means:
1. the act of pardoning somebody for a
mistake or wrongdoing
2. the tendency to forgive offenses
readily and easily
In a quick examination do you possess
these? Are you able to forgive? Is
forgiveness part of your character?
If we are going to understand
forgiveness we might begin with the
forgiveness offered by God.
O Psalm 130 – the psalmist speaks of
the forgiveness offered by God
The psalmist rightly points out that no
one could stand without God’s
O Lev. 4-6; Num. 14-15
O Psalm 78:34-39 – the psalmist sings
of God’s forgiveness
This forgiveness is only possible by God
because only God could see forward to
the perfect sacrifice of Jesus.
So as we realize that God alone can forgive
sins we learn how we might have the
forgiveness of our sins.
O Heb. 9:23-28 – Jesus offered Himself
once for all sins
O Rom. 6:3-7 – we are baptized into His
O Acts 2:38 – repent and be baptized for
the forgiveness of sins
After baptism:
O Acts 8:22 – repent and pray for
O 1 John 1:9 – He is faithful and just to
O Heb. 8:12 – He will remember them no
We can see the characteristics of forgive
and forgiveness, as defined by man, in
Where do we go to learn forgiveness?
We go to God.
Can we forgive?
Do we have forgiveness in our hearts?
As Christians we must possess these.
O Matt. 18:21-35 – Jesus teaches a
basic principle of forgiveness
O Luke 17:3-4 – Jesus teaches a basic
principle of forgiveness
O Eph. 4:32 – Paul teaches a basic
principle of forgiveness
As we look at each of these principles do
we apply them as necessary?
The first principle is one of readiness to
O Matt. 18:21-35 – forgiveness should be
abundant and readily given, forgiveness
must be from the heart
O 2 Tim. 4:16 – Paul had forgiveness in his
heart – Acts 7:60
O Gen. 50:15-21 – Joseph is an example of
this principle
The second principle involves order.
O Luke 17:3-4 – rebuke, if he repents
O Matt. 18:15-17 – go to him, if he hears
you have gained
O Eph. 4:26 – anger must not lead to sin –
wrath and hatred
O Rom. 12:19-21 – we must remember
that God will avenge all things
The third principle is forgiving as we have
been forgiven.
O Eph. 4:32 – tender hearted and forgiving
O Mark 11:25-26 – forgive for forgiveness
O Col. 3:12-13 – just as we have
forgiveness we must forgive
O Matt. 6:12 – Jesus teaches this in our
O Luke 24:34 – Jesus demonstrates this
Forgiveness can be difficult.
We can say “I forgive you” and still hold
a grudge. Is that forgiveness?
We can refuse to forgive when asked.
We must seek forgiveness and be ready
to forgive.

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