Israel - Favi Vidavski

Tomato Breeder’s Roundtable 2013
Country Reports
Favi Vidavski, Tomatech, Israel
Major Varieties:
Single Harvest
Fall Segment: Yeliz (Seminis), AT-06 (Seminis),
Seval (Local Company), Linda (Zeraim)
Winter Segment: Bestona (Nunhems), Anıt (Local Company),
Azra (Seminis)
Spring Segment: Newton (Syngenta)
Cluster Harvest
Winter Segment: Ikram (Syngenta), Argyl (Syngenta)
Major Diseases:
TYLCV, FCRR and Nematode are main diseases in protected crop.
Also bacterial problems are threating nurseries and growers who make production in winter
TSWV is the main problem for open field. Also it is affecting spring crop, mainly in late
The next five years
disease tolerance will be one of the unique subject. Growers will tend to select the variety
which will secure them in terms of unexpected disease epidemic. So, multi disease tolerance
varieties will be critical point for the seed companies together with other yield and quality
Major varieties :
Cluster type- Ramylle ( Rijk Zwann) Ventero (Monsanto/ De Ruiter)
Beef or loose - Vernal ( Enza Zaden) Torry ( Syngenta)
Raf type - Delicia (clause) Rebelion (vilmorin) Duma ( syngenta )
Cherry standard-Creativo (clause)
Cherry mini plum: Mini Star (Sakata) Angell ( syngenta)
Major diseases:
Virus: TYLCV, “TOC” , PepMV (pepino dulce), Bacterial: Clavibacter Michiganensis
Nematodes, all Fusarium and every day more Fusarim Crown rot , Leveilula taurica
(powdery mildew ) and cladosporium.
The next five years:
The market want extra quality , less use of chemicals, less residues .
The farmers facilities (green house and structures) continue like some years ago.
develop hybrids with the best balance between quality and resistance will be victorious.
Major varieties :
Cherry- Creativo (CL), Tyty (SYN),Gram (RZ),
Tropical (NUN)
Oval Variety- Piccadilly (SYN), Pixel (ISI),
Cluster Varieties- Roventa (MON), Ventero (MON),
Letizia (CL), Desiderio (CL), Cartesio (CL).
Elongated Variery- Parsifal (CL).
Oxheart tomato , pear type, beef type pinton type, etc…
Major diseases:
Tylcv, nematodes, Fusarium and Fusarium crown root rot, TSWV
The next five years:
More Competition with the emerging countries like Morocco.
More and more small niches, (grape, hi-flavor, etc…) that will probably become more
important in the near future.
Major varieties
In greenhouse 70% Elpida (Enza zaden), 7% Formula (Monsanto)
7% Belladona (Hazera), 6 % Extasi (nirite seeds)
4% Torry (Syngenta)
For outdoor: Bobcat from Syngenta,
Gally from a local company
Major diseases :
TYLCV , Tuta absoluta, phytophtora, fusarium wilt, Nematodes, Bacterial diseases .In
the last years we see more Clavibacter mechiganencis.
The next five years:
The market need Tylcv resistances and more green house in Peloponnese.
Major varieties :
Round TYLCV : Pristyla and Retyna : 1600 ha on total of 2100 ha
Round without TYLCV : Calvi and Gabriella :900 ha
Cluster : Pitenza : 500 ha
Cherry : Katalina : 700 ha
plum(Santa type) : Luci-plus ,Vitorino and Ministar : 300 ha
Cocktail: Shiren and Genio: 350 ha
Major diseases:
TYLCV ,Nematode, Cladosporium and Botrytis;
Next five years :
social problem in Morocco should be an issue .
Transport so LSL obligatory

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