Applying to Red Frog Events

By: Jessica Blackson
Red Frog Events is an independent event production company based in Chicago, Illinois. It
was founded in 2007 by Joe Reynolds.
Joe Reynolds wanted to give people the opportunity to have an experience similar to the
television show The Amazing Race so he organized Great Urban Race, LLC and hosted the
first race on September 15, 2007 in Chicago.
His brother-in-law, Ryan Kunkel, soon joined in order to keep expanding Great Urban Race.
The name was changed to Red Frog Events when Reynolds was sitting on a beach in
Panama called Red Frog Beach. A red frog was unique, as was his vision of the company.
The company moved from their location in Lincoln Park to their current location on West
Ohio Street.
The office space was designed by Torchia which is the same company responsible for
designing Google offices. It’s designed to have the feel of a campground so inside are tree
houses, a rock climbing wall, a slide, a gutted camper, and a s’mores station.
“Creating the best work culture and top-notch experiences through
innovation and passion, while laughing all the way.”
The company receives more than 2,000 resumes a month. About 1 out of 150 are
accepted into the internship program with about 20 percent becoming full-time
Red Frog looks for resumes and cover letters that really stand out. Having a
creative edge is very important.
They hire capable people who are willing to jump right in and try things in new,
innovative ways.
An internship at Red Frog is a learning experience like no other. Internships are
offered year-round and last three to five months, depending on the season.
Tadpoles are immediately thrown into large-scale projects and given tremendous
Red Frog hires talented, capable people who are willing to jump in and try things
in new, innovative ways.
Red Frog Events is a very successful company. I want to work here because I would
be able to express myself creatively and professionally. I am a very passionate and
enthusiastic person who would have a lot to offer this company.
Becoming a Tadpole
My goal is to work in Red Frog’s Marketing department after graduation.
I plan on applying for an internship next summer. I would start out as a “tadpole” and work
my way up to a full-time frog which is very difficult to accomplish. If I was able to get an
internship that would be a great way for me to network with people and grow through
hard work and dedication.
Phi Chi Theta
In the meantime, I am taking steps to better myself so that I am prepared for a job at this
company. I am going to further my marketing skills this summer with my internship at the
Campus Special. My goal is to get as much experience as I can and learn as much as
possible so that I am prepared to enter the job market after graduation.
Although having an impressive resume and cover letter is important, it’s also important to
make sure they are both creative enough to stand out from the rest.
1.Live with passion.
2.Appreciate our customers.
3.Prioritize listening
4.Be an ideal Teammate
5.Set and ask for expectations.
6.Negotiate, negotiate, negotiate.
7.Act on opportunities.
8.Anticipate challenges.
9.Be punctual.
10.Complete exceptional work.
50,000 Legos!
“From the very beginning, Red Frog Events has put creativity
and innovation at the center of its actions, building a business
and brand from the fresh ideas of its employees. While we set
out to create the Active Entertainment industry, we also
wanted to reinvent the workplace. In our eyes, employees are
a company's greatest assets and strongest resources. With
that theory in mind, we wanted to create a place to reward our
employees for their hard work, foster friendships, encourage
adventure, and promote creativity.”
Every five years Red Froggers may take a fully paid four-week sabbatical to Africa,
Asia, Europe, or South America with any one person of choice or their spouse and
Everyone gets unlimited vacation days. They are able to work from home one day
per week.
Birthday massage, Dental insurance, life insurance, and vision insurance.
Office décor allowance, and smartphone reimbursement.

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