Section 4_Basic Counseling Skills Roleplay

Section 4: Basic Counseling
Skills Role-Play
 The following exercises are case study
examples where you will be presented with a
client scenario. Using the knowledge you have
learned on active listening during counseling,
you will then provide your response to the
Exercise 1
Case Study 1: Reflection of Feelings
Client: My life is going pretty well now that I have not
used any bango for a month. I have a new job and I
have begun making some friends at work. Things
with my wife are going much better and she seems
happier and more trusting in me, especially after I
got the new job. I am tired much of the time
because I still am not sleeping very well. I think if I
smoked just a little bango at bedtime, it would help
me sleep. However, I am fearful that if I started
smoking bango again, it could ruin all the progress I
have made. I’m not sure what to do. I really need to
get a good night’s sleep.
Exercise 2
Case Study 2: Expressing Empathy
Client: I am here because my family thinks I need treatment,
because I take 6 Tramadol pills every day. I can barely get up
in the morning without taking Tramadol and I need to take it
3-4 times a day. I started taking it to control the pain I had
when I was injured in a serious car accident 3 years ago. I am
still having flashbacks of the car accident. It is always the same
thing. The other car slams into my car in slow motion, glass
flies everywhere, and I look over to see my husband
unconscious and bleeding. I am scared because every little
thing that happens in my life sends me into a panic. Yesterday,
three teenagers ran in front of my car to cross the street; I had
plenty of time to stop, but my heart was beating so fast I
thought it would burst. The only thing that relieves me of this
anxiety and pain is more Tramadol.
Exercise 3
Case Study 3: Summarizing
Client: My wife complains constantly that I haven’t been a
good husband because I don’t make enough money and I
spend money on bango. My children are always
misbehaving and they talk back at me, even the youngest
who is only eight years old. Furthermore, they always
refuse to do their chores. They seem to take, and take, and
take – and to never be satisfied or appreciative. Today I was
very angry at my wife and children and I left the house and
smoked bango all afternoon; afterwards, I felt guilty and
started blaming myself. This situation must be my fault. If I
had been a better husband and father, things would be
better. If I didn’t have all the stress and fighting I wouldn’t
need to use bango.

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