7th Grade Power Point 2014-2015

Grade Course
• Instrumental Music—Meets
every other day all year
• Choir—Meets every other day
all year
• Exploratory music—Meets
everyday for one nine weeks.
Students learn to play the
How does band and choir work? Do I have PE all
year long too?
Band and Choir are on A and B days. On the opposite day you will
have PE. So, Yes, if you choose Band or Choir you will have PE
every other day for the whole school year.
Will I have PE all year if I choose Exploratory
Usually not. You have Exploratory Music every day for 1 nine
weeks and then another elective for the other 3 nine
weeks. For example, you could have PE for one semester,
Exploratory music, then a study hall. You then would have
PE everyday for one semester (2 nine weeks)
ELA—2 periods
Social Studies
Keyboarding and/or Computer
Science A—One nine weeks
• Health—One semester
• PE 7—One semester
Two period block—counts as 2 credits for GPA
English/Language Arts 7
English/Language Arts Accelerated II—This class
is for the students that completed ELA
Accelerated in the 6th grade AND have been
recommended by that ELA teacher
Social Studies 7
Social Studies 7 HA
Science 7
Science 7 HA
In order for you to be recommended for an
HA class, you need more than the teacher
The other criteria that were used were:
*Reading OAA scores (5th grade)-Advanced or
*Math OAA scores-(5th grade)Advanced
MAP scores
*5th grade OAA scores were also used for
Science HA and Social Studies HA classes
Math 7
Pre-Algebra HA—A or B in Math 6 AND Teacher
Recommendation AND at Accelerated/Advanced on 5th
grade OAA
Algebra I—This class is only for those students that
completed Math Accelerated in the 6th grade AND has
that teacher’s recommendation. ***This is a high
school credit class***
MS Keyboarding
Computer Science A—You must be enrolled
in Pre-Algebra HA or Algebra I. ***This is
an 8th grade class to prepare to for
Computer Science I, which is taken in the
8th grade for high school credit.
Sports and Activities
As a 7th grader you may try out for 7th grade sports, but you
must be eligible in order to play. To be eligible, you must
have a 2.0 Grade Point Average. This is a “C” average.
Remember that ELA counts TWO times toward you GPA. This
means if you have a “D” in ELA it is the same as having TWO
“D’s” on your report card. You would need 2 “B’s” in major
classes (Math, Science, or Social Studies) in order to play a
Eligibility for FALL sports, including
Cheerleading, is based on the last nine
weeks grades of 6th grade
How to fill out your Course Selection Sheet
If and only if an Accelerated or HA class is highlighted are you
allowed to take the course.
If you do not have any Accelerated or HA courses highlighted,
you only need to circle ONE of the electives (Instrumental
Music, Choir, or General Music) and have the paper signed.
IF you have Accelerated or HA classes highlighted, THEN you
can CHOOSE if you want those classes. You MUST circle the
classes that you are choosing to take. We do not want to place
you in classes that you have not chosen. Once you have
chosen your classes, choose your elective, and have the paper

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