KACST - Regional Agricultural Biotechnology Network

Status of ICT structure, infrastructure and applications
existed to manage and disseminate information and
knowledge of Agricultural Biotechnology Innovations
Information in Saudi Arabia
Almotairy, Hany Mohammed S. Al-Assaf
King AbdulAziz City for Science and Technology (KACST)
2-4 July 2012
Agricultural Biotechnology Knowledge Network for
Strengthening Regional Cooperation and Knowledge Sharing
• King Abdul-Aziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) is an
independent scientific organization administratively. KACST is
both the Saudi Arabian national science agency and its
national laboratories. The science agency function involves
science and technology policy making, data collection,
funding of external research, and services such as the patent
KACST Research fund and support
• KACST as an organization responsible for science and
technology in Saudi Arabia is providing its support to scientists
through funding of research proposal to support publication
information. KACST also handle research by caring out
research through its National Center and institutes of deferent
Services Provided by KACST
 Research outputs are available digitally.
 KACST using international metadata standards.
 Direct Access to the world database:
• This service provides recipients with current bibliographic
(Title, Author name, Pages number, ect..) information in various fields of
science & technology.
Services Provided by KACST
 Reference Services:
• Any reference inquiries by users can be addressed in person,
by telephone, facsimile or email. Researchers can also be
helped to obtain expedited access to scientific references.
 Information sources search service:
• The Library of KACST offers a search service for users to
explore information resources for research purposes.
Other Activity in biotechnology
• KACST contributions in a scientific awareness and publishing current
knowledge provided by scientist from all over the country and share the
publishing with Springer publish through supporting journals such as
(SpringerLink, ScienceDirect, and SCOPUS Abstract & Citation) Database.
• KACST is in collaboration with Chinese academy of science has undertaken
projects on agriculture biotechnology such as:
1. Date palm genome project.
2. Date palm organelle genome project (Chloroplast and mitochondrial DNA).
3. Large scale collection and annotation of gene model from date palm.
Other Activity in biotechnology
4. Hassawi rice genome project.
5. Genomics, Transcriptomics and meta genomics research of red
palm weevil.
• Establish a data base of certified Date palm database:
1. Record genetic diversity of date palms in Saudi Arabia.
2. Develop morphologic and molecular markers for identifying
3. Enumerate the scientific institutions and personals involved in
date palm research.
ICT infrastructure, Capacity and
Information systems
• The formal and informal scientific institutions relating
to Agricultural Biotechnology have Availability of
possible means to achieve high levels of satisfaction
1. Communication tools such as: (hardware, software,
communication lines, flexible regulatory policies, and
constantly developing in this area).
2. Good Information systems, included (work systems,
methodologies) which help to achieve the purpose
Policy and strategies
• Availability
international standards are supported, and the field
of development is still continuing to update those
• Caring about the issue of intellectual property rights
within regulations and legislation adopted.
Contents and ICT applications
• There are specialized departments responsible for
the contents of the inputs (documents, research,
etc...) and the information management related to
agricultural biotechnology with the availability of
skilled staff and specialists in this field.
Information and communication services
• Availability
biotechnology, information technology, and content
of scientific research, and information management
research, etc. is available for researchers at KACST.
Information and communication channels
• There are several channels to disseminate the
information of agricultural biotechnology
include Web sites of the institutions and
scientific journals.

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