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What can a spreadsheet do
Store data
Sort data
Make calculations
Make graphs and charts
Data validation
Use macros to navigate to other pages or places of the spreadsheet
Spreadsheet s allows us to collect data and then calculate this data using
A spreadsheet can create a various amount of charts and graphs from
varying range of data.
A spreadsheet is arranged in rows and columns.
Who are the main users of
Accountants – They need to keep track of all the
money coming into the business and all the payments
going out.
Teachers – Need to keep track of marks given for
homework ect.
Engineers – Need to perform calculations when
designing bridges, buildings, aeroplanes, cars ECT.
sales people – They use spreadsheet to keep track of
the items they sell.
The main users of spreadsheets would be business
organizations and also schools and colleges
How can spreadsheets be used to
solve problems?
The way that spreadsheets solve problems is by using
Excel has input functions that allow you to calculate
data such as SUM and COUNT.
The way that spreadsheets solve complex problems is
by using a variety of formulas which allows quick and
accurate calculations by using a range of fields.
Also pivot tables and also by using what IF scenarios
can be used.
How can organisations use
interpretation methods to analyse
It analyses data by using charts, such as pie, line and bar
These charts can display patterns and trends.
With charts and trends businesses are able to analyse data.
These include pie charts, bar charts and line graphs.
Organizations are able to tell very easily between patterns
and trends and are easily able to make these charts and
graphs by using the chart wizard that is integrated within MS

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