The ICC Competition

The ICC Competition
February 2014
The Team
 This year's competition, held from 7 to 12 February 2014, was the first
time that Monash University had entered.
 The Team - The four students, Tessa Sullivan, Jemima Roe, Joanna
Paul, and Julia Larner were accompanied by their two coaches, Naomi
Burstyner and Wendy Gaddie (both senior researchers at ACJI).
 The outcomes….
 A wonderful experience and……
 The Team won silver overall.
 The Team won a special award for Best Mediation Advocacy.
 The Team won a special award for Best Mediation Plan.
About the ICC Competition..
 The ICC competition is an application of skills for
managing conflict in mediation of commercial
disputes consisting of teams from law and
business schools worldwide.
 It is attended by over 500 participants from more
than 40 countries including 66 university teams
selected after competitive entry and 120 world
leading commercial mediators and corporate
About the competition…
 The competition takes place over 6 days with over 200
mock mediation sessions and includes numerous training
programmes and social events.
 The event is unique in that students do not compete as
mediators but rather as lawyers negotiating and counselling
their clients through a mediation session.
 Students are judged based on their ability to work
collaboratively with the other party while maintaining their
client’s interests and negotiating the best settlement for
their client.
What happened…..
 What is the competition about? What does
preparation involve?
 What part was the hardest?
 What did you like best?
 What impact do you think the experience will have
on you?
20 March 20141
Hard work and good fun
The experience…
The ICC Mediation competition was an absolute highlight of my law
degree. The experience built my confidence exponentially in relation to
engaging in global professional and social forums in my future career.
The feedback of competition judges was always constructive and there
was always something new to learn, by virtue of their vast experience and
diverse professional and cultural backgrounds. Where else is there an
opportunity like this to soak up such international wisdom through
personal as well as group feedback?
The Experience…
One of the factors that I think contributed to our team’s success in the
competition was our preparedness as a first-timer university to remain
flexible and adapt our approach to problems in accordance with the
feedback of each and every judge.
The wealth of experience present at the ICC mediation competition makes
even the queue for the bathroom a place for intriguing conversation about
the future of mediation practice.
The Experience…
 As this was the first time Monash had fielded a team I think we all went
wanting to just soak up the environment and learn as much as we
 As a team we took a very collaborative approach, swapping partners
and pairings constantly to make sure we all had as much exposure to
the competition as we could. This surprised several of the more
strategic competitors, and several of the judges and mediators!
 I think an unintended consequence was that we came to each problem
fresh and with very limited pre concieved ideas as to how it would run,
and that this served us very well.
The Experience….
 For me the biggest shift was an internalising of the process. It may
sound trite, but by trusting in the process and focusing on the problem
we avoided prosecuting the people or retreating to positions.
 By staying open, engaged and very present we were able to genuinely
hear the other side and respond effectively and creatively to their
interests, whilst always ensuring our client's interests were protected.
'Iron gloves in velvet fists' as one judge commented. In a strange way
having such a strong adherence to the process was very liberating. And
it certainly worked!
The Experience..
 The ICC International Commercial Mediation Competition has been a
significant highlight of my university experience so far.
 The week was intense but really enjoyable and everyone from the ICC
went out of their way to make us feel welcome.
 My communication skills have improved immensely and I now have an
international network of friends and future colleagues who I very much
look forward to working with.
The Experience
I had to pinch myself everyday because the ICC pulled out all stops to
make the event exciting, invigorating and truly memorable. The locations
were magnificent, the staff supportive and enthusiastic and everything ran
like clockwork.
The competitors were diverse, varied and from all walks of life, which
brought a welcoming aspect to the mediations. The ICC also really
nurtured this through their encouragement of social interaction. This was
one of the most surprising - but absolutely wonderful - parts of the
mediation sessions as it created an open and trusting forum, which is at
the heart of our practice.
The Experience..
The coaches were impressive in their dedication and loyalty to their
students. They took on many roles beyond the competition such as
parent, confidant, teacher and friend.
The Experience…
The ICC Competition was an exciting first time opportunity for Monash
In a competitive environment and faced with complex commercial
problems, our students demonstrated their highly developed skills in
working collaboratively and negotiating to reach agreements in the context
of a realistic mediation setting.
It was a steady learning journey in both preparing for, and competing
during, the Competition. We are confident that our students will continue
their journey and make exceptional mediators in the future.
The Experience..
The most valuable thing we’ve got out of this competition is being involved
on an international scale with some of the most prestigious professionals
in our field, and being able to take away valuable words of wisdom from
around the world.
The Experience..
The ICC competition was a lesson in diversity. Each mediator, judge,
student and coach had their own approach to both the facts and the
process of negotiating effectively in the mediation setting.
It proved that the rich and diverse setting and contributions from all
involved, did not serve to dilute the learning experience, rather, it served
to intensify it.
Competing students' ability to distil their own values and approach from
the advice and learnings that surrounded them, was a most important
attribute in succeeding in the competition, and, no doubt, in real life

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