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ICC Ukraine
Ukrainian National Committee
of the International Chamber of
ICC - International Chamber of
Commerce/ World Business organization
 Support in developing international trade, investment and
global economic integration as a force for sustainable growth,
job creation and prosperity
 Provide practical rules and standards for the international
business community
 Introduced in 127 countries worldwide
 Has consultative status with UN and the permanent advisory
body of WTO
 Partnering with IMF and the World Bank
 Has National Committees in 93 countries
ICC Ukraine – Ukrainian National
Committee of ICC
Facilitating international trade and investments
through the implementation of best global practices
 ICC Ukraine was set up in 1998 as a nonprofit, nongovernment organization uniting large and medium
 Lobbying to protect the interests of member enterprises at the
national and international levels
 Has their branches in 25 regions of Ukraine and informationanalytical agencies in 17 countries
 Has its permanent representation in the ICC International
Court of Arbitration in Paris
ICC Ukraine structure
ICC Ukraine
Represented in governmental
Represented in public boards
of ministries
 Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine:
Committee on Taxation and
Customs Policy, Committee
on Fuel and Energy
Complex, Nuclear Policy
and Nuclear Safety
 Cabinet of Ministers of
Ukraine: Ministry of Foreign
Affairs, Ministry of Agrarian
Policy and Food, Ministry of
Infrastructure of Ukraine
 Ministry of Foreign Affairs of
 Ministry of Incomes and Fees
of Ukraine
 Ministry of Economic
Development and Trade of
 Ministry of Infrastructure of
 Ministry of Finance of Ukraine
 Ministry of Justice of Ukraine
ICC Ukraine priority programs
 Partnership of Countries - Enhancing international dialogue
 Investing in People – improving business performance through
 GREENERGY Initiative – developing green economy in Ukraine
 Single window – local solutions of the business issues
 BASCAP – business action to stop counterfeiting and piracy
 School of transfer pricing – solutions in tax planning and
structure formation
 Verification of documents for their authenticity in conformity with
bilateral agreements
 Dispute resolution services – national system of third-party
Partnership of Countries
The program aimed to promote international cooperation
and to create a platform to strengthen economic,
investment and trade relationships through:
 Holding the joint business summits, forums, seminars, round
tables for enhancing business dialogue and collaboration
 Organizing B2B meetings on the industry-based approach
 Social and business networking
 Participation in bilateral intergovernmental commissions
Investing in People
Supports to raise awareness of human capital as a key
factor for increasing competitiveness and to implement
modern approaches in managing and developing people
to improve productivity and profitability
The main targets are:
 To focus on human capital management and development
 To promote corporate social responsibility
 To implement “Investors in People” Standard as the best
people management practices
GREENERGY Initiative
Forming policies and
facilitating the
implementation of green
economy projects
development in Ukraine
Activity vectors
Facilitating the implementation of
green projects through the search of
partners and investors and
representing the interests of
businesses in cooperation with
central and local authorities
Improving the legal framework of
green economy development in
Ukraine via ICC Ukraine
Commission on green economy and
ecological investments and through
cooperation with international
organizations: ICC, OECD, UNECE
Single window – local decision
Creating favorable conditions for the international transport of
goods across the territory of Ukraine
Main objectives
curbing of cross-border barriers in intermodal transport
facilitating of cross-border procedures
establishment of Port Community System in Odessa
Commercial Sea Port
establishment of port and airport community systems and
other large international transport hubs under the Single
Window principle
ICC Ukraine in figures
 Set up in1998 as the first National Committee among CIS
 Organized business forums in 67 countries around the world
 Participated in 8 WCF Congresses and 5 ICC Congresses
 Having partnership with ICC Committees in 93 countries in
the world
 Organizing 7 business forums abroad annually
 Offering 18 products for support local businesses
 Working 15 Commissions on different business issues
 Having 22 professional employees in team and 14 non -staff
Vice – Chairs as advisory board covering all economic sectors
[email protected]
+38044 -226 -3323
+38044 - 234 -2630

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