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PARCC Updates
● Due to the recent passage of House Bill 367 ALL grade 3
students will take the reading Ohio Achievement Assessment
this spring and not the PARCC ELA
● All grade 3 students will still take the PARCC math assessment
PARCC Overview
The primary purpose of PARCC is to provide high quality assessments of
students’ progression toward postsecondary readiness and success
The Spring 2015 Administration of PARCC assessments includes two separate
tests administration windows: Part I or the PBA and Part II or the EOY
The PBA occurs after 75% of instructional time is complete
The ELA PBA will focus on writing effectively when analyzing text
The Math PBA will focus on applying skills and concepts and understanding
multistep problems that require abstract reasoning, precision, perseverance
and strategic use of tools
Scores from PARCC testing will not be available until September 2015 (at the
PARCC Overview (continued)
● The PBA will be divided into units (testing times range from 6090 minutes)
● The ELA will consist of three separate units
● The math will consist of two separate units
CCSD PARCC Testing Dates
❏ Part I or PBA: February 17 - March 16
❏ Part II or EOY: April 20 - May 15
Administration Components
Math and ELA Part 1 (PBA)
Part 1
Unit 1
Unit 2
Unit 3
Unit 1
Unit 2
Administration Components
Math and ELA Part 2 (EOY)
Part 2
Unit 1
Unit 1
Unit 2
Unit 2
Test Administrator Definition
● Test Administrator (TA): An individual at the school
responsible for administering the assessment
● TAs per ODE must meet two criteria:
1. Must be employees of the district
2. Must hold a current license, certificate or permit issued
by the Ohio Department of Education. In Ohio,
paraprofessionals may serve as TAs.
Test Administrator Responsibilities
● Meet with School Test Coordinator to review test security and
administration protocols
● Reviewing policies and instructions in the PARCC Computer-Based
Test Administration Manual for his/her appropriate grade level
● Preparing the test environment and passing out needed materials
● Ensuring all cell phones are collected before testing begins
● Reading scripted directions provided by PARCC
Test Administrator Responsibilities
● Managing headphones (names on zip-lock bags)
● During each unit, actively supervising the test administration
● Properly administer accommodations (as applicable)
● Managing Test Sessions in PearsonAccess and keeping time
● Completing the Session Sheets attached to the manilla envelope for
each unit of a test (envelope must be picked up and returned daily)
● Referencing the TA Checklist
Proctor Definition & Responsibilities
● Proctor: An individual who may be called on to help a Test
Administrator monitor a testing session under the supervision of the
Test Administrator
● A TA must be in the room at all times during testing if a Proctor is used
● Student teachers may serve as Proctors but cannot serve as Test
Guidelines for Testing Time
● Although each unit of the new assessments has a specific amount of
allotted time the tests are NOT timed on the computer
● The Test Administrators are responsible for keeping time during the
testing (just as they did with paper-based testing)
● Administration Time: The total time schools should schedule for each unit,
including the unit testing time.
● The breakdown of recommended Administration Time is:
➢ 5 minutes - preparation after students arrive (includes reading
instructions to students and answering questions)
➢ 5 minutes - distribute test tickets and materials to students
➢ 60-90 minutes - Administer unit
➢ 5 minutes - End-of-unit activities including collecting tickets
Breaks for Students
● Restroom breaks: During a unit, individual restroom breaks may
be provided at the discretion of the TA
● No more than one student at a time be allowed to use the restroom
● Cover the screen with a piece of construction paper while gone
● Students must be supervised at all times between the testing room
and the restroom (e.g. by a Proctor)
● Classroom stretch break during a unit: At the discretion of the
TA, a classroom may take one “stand-and-stretch” break of up to
three minutes
● The TA should document the restroom break on the manila folder
and give that time back to the student if he/she needs it
Test Security
● All CCSD staff participating in PARCC testing must sign the 20142015 PARCC Assessment Security Agreement.
● This signed document must be turned in to the School Test
Coordinator prior to the beginning of PARCC testing
● Test Administrators are encouraged to keep a copy for their
Test Security Scripts & Clarifying Directions
● TAs are required to adhere to the scripts provided for administering the
PARCC assessments
● All directions may be repeated as necessary for all students
● TAs and Proctors may not answer or clarify questions from students
about test items or passages or assist students in any way in responding
to test items
● TAs and Proctors may show a student where a tool is located but NOT
how to use that specific tool
Security Breaches
● Security Breaches: Actions prohibited before, during, and after testing that
compromise security
● Examples:
➢ Explaining passages or test items to students
➢ Taking photos of online testing computer screens
➢ Coaching students during a test, including giving students verbal or
nonverbal cues, hints, etc
➢ Leaving students alone to test or with a Proctor only
➢ Giving students more or less time than allotted
➢ Allowing students to pass notes or talk during testing
➢ Formally or informally scoring student responses
➢ Revealing or discussing passages or test items with anyone, including
students and staff
Testing Irregularities
● Testing Irregularities: Actions or events that may occur
before, during, or after administration that may compromise
validity of the test
● Examples:
Building evacuation or lockdown
Losing a student’s Testing Ticket
Loss of internet connectivity
Providing access to Seal Codes ahead of time and before
reading the appropriate direction in the script
Reporting a Security Breach or Testing Irregularity
● Should a security breach or test security
concern occur – contact the STC for your
building immediately!
Headphones & Mice for PARCC Testing
● Headphones are needed for ELA testing for all students as there
are questions which require multimedia text/videos
● The only exception is grade 8 ELA which does not require
● IEP students who meet the text-to-speech requirements must have
headphones for all ELA units
● ALL STUDENTS must have headphones for the math assessments
as the text-to-speech will be turned on for all students
● All students must have a mouse for testing
Computer Carrels
Three sided cardboard carrels have been purchased and will be delivered
to the buildings.
We have ordered enough for every computer being used for testing. Your
building might decide to use them for every other computer.
Carrels are not mandatory. They are recommended. However, if a student
feels very confined and doesn’t want one, please do not make him/her use
Testing Environment
● It is important to establish procedures to maintain a quiet testing
environment throughout testing
● The following should be taken into consideration:
❖ Make sure students have silent work for after test
❖ Ensure unauthorized visitors are prohibited from entering the
testing environment
❖ Ensure the testing sign PARCC Testing Please Do Not
Disturb is posted outside the testing room
Materials Prohibited During All Testing
● All cellular phones
● Other non-test-related personal items such as iPods and
● Instructional aids related to the content being assessed
● Reference books
● Any resource that defines, explains, or illustrates terminology
or concepts on the assessments
● Mathematical formulas and conversion tables
● Posters, maps, charts, and displays that define, explain, or
illustrate terms or concepts
Student Testing Tickets
● Every student taking a PARCC assessment will have their own unique
Student Testing Ticket
● Students will have a different Student Testing Ticket for ELA and math
● The username and passwords are established by PARCC and not the
● Test Administrators will pass out the Student Test Tickets the day of
testing as directed in the Test Administration Manuals
● Test Administrators MUST collect the Student Test Tickets after testing is
completed each day. These same tickets will be used for all units. TAs will
return these (inside the manila envelope) to STCs daily
● STCs will be responsible for keeping these secure between units
TestNav Login Screen & Student Test Ticket
Seal Codes
● Test Administrators must provide students with a unique numeric
code to access each unit of the PARCC assessments
● The seal code sheet will be placed in the manila envelope
● TAs will be clearly directed to write the Seal Code for the unit being
tested within the test security script in the Test Administration
● See Seal Code Guidance resource sheet
● Examples of this wording in the scripts:
➢ p. 30 of the Test Administrator Manual for grades 3-5
➢ p. 31 of the Test Administrator Manual for high school math
Materials Allowed ONLY After a Student Has
Completed Testing
CCSD policy allows three options for students who complete testing prior to
their peers
1. Read a book quietly - the book CANNOT be related to the content being
tested that day/unit
2. Fun worksheets or other busy work is acceptable
3. Sit quietly until all students finish the unit
Under NO CIRCUMSTANCE should a student who has finished testing be
allowed on the computer for any other purpose
What do I pick up from my STC before every
● Ensure every Test Administrator’s manila envelope is prepared
Each envelope should include:
Seal codes document needed for testing all units. Seal Codes are needed to unlock
sections of a test. When a test section is locked, students cannot proceed into the
locked section of the test. Each locked section requires a different Seal Code.
Student Testing Ticket for all students testing
Blank Session Sheets stapled or taped to front of envelope. The number of sheets
depends on the number of units.
Math Reference Sheets if applicable
• There should be one envelope for reading and another for math.
• Math Reference Sheets need to be printed out? Supposedly, they are to be
embedded in an online tab for the students. Print them just in case.
Student Statuses in PearsonAccess
● Ready - The student has not yet started the test
● Active - The student has logged in and started the test
● Exited - The student has exited TestNav but has not submitted test
responses. (Student cannot resume testing unless authorized by
Test Administrator)
● Resumed - The student has been authorized to resume the test
● Resume-Uploaded - The student has been authorized to resume
the test
● Completed - The test has been submitted by the student through
TetsNav and the data has been processed
● Marked Completed - The STC must mark a test complete when a
student has exited TestNav due to running out of time
PARCC PearsonAccess Next Blue
We are now working out of the live “BLUE” site. You can
access that site via:
Select “PARCC Portal” and click on the BLUE link.
PearsonAccess Next - Blue Site
Make sure this is set to “Spring
PBA 2015”
Staff Login Information for PARCC PearsonAccess
● Teachers and staff should have received their access to the
PearsonAccess Next “ BLUE” site (email was from PARCC
PearsonAccess Next)
● Every employee’s username is their license number
● Every employee must establish their own password
● Contact Dawson/Dasco to have an email resent for a user who
deleted the email
● Should any Test Administrator need access to PearsonAccess
please contact Dawson/Dasco ASAP
Forgot your PearsonAccess password??
1. Click on ‘Forgot Password’
2. Enter your username and email which are the SAME thing
3. Click ‘Request Password Reset’
4. You will receive an email from PARCC PearsonAccess
Student Log In
• The designated testing computers in our computer labs and carts
will be “locked down” for the entire month of testing.
• Once logged in, a PARCC shortcut icon will immediately show up on
the desktop for the students. Selecting the icon will take them
straight to the TestNav login site.
One Page FAQ Sheets
● Many have asked for a one page FAQ sheet
● We have created one for STCs and another for TAs.
● These will constantly be updated, emailed out to you, and posted to
Thank you!
Questions call:
Bobby Dasco
(Office) 330-438-2541
(Cell) 330-575-3834

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