Iron Jawed Angels - Q-RCG

Iron Jawed Angels
Questions Sheet
Video Discussion
•What time period is this movie in? Gilded Age or the Progressive Movement?
•Identify elements of race in the video.
•Identify elements of class in the video.
•What references are made in the movie to earlier women activists? List them below.
•What references are made to the Civil War?
•What role does World War I play in the movie?
•Track the different approaches used by the following:
Carrie Catt leader of the NAWSA
Alice Paul of the NWP
8) How were women destroying the system of stratification of the US?
•Defend the argument that race class and gender are (notice tense) linked and not isolated issues.
•Connect any issue today or a video we have watched in class.
Other Film Issues
1. Attached to AntiSlavery
2. Elizabeth Cady
Stanton and
Susan B. Anthony
at Seneca Falls
3. AWSA and NWSA
4. Merging of AWSA
and NWSA
5. Cult of
1. NAWSA and Carrie Catt trying to secure right to vote
through state by state method
2. Enter Alice Paul and the creation of NWP
Alice Paul and Lucy Burns: Parade
Organizers and NWP
Rose Winslow
Inez Milholland
Carrie Catt and NAWSA
1. NAWSA leader
2. Believed an amendment
to the Constitution was
not possible
Ida B Wells
In 1884, when 22 and a teacher in Tennessee,
Wells-Barnett ignored a train conductor's order
directing her to sit in a segregated car.
Editor and co-owner of the Memphis Free
Speech and Headlight
Documented lynchings across the country, and
raised awareness challenging alleged white
Women and
the West
Sheet Questions and Agree or Disagree
Carrie Catt was right
State by state strategy was the correct approach
Securing a Constitutional Amendment was the
correct approach
Women are more likely to be
supportive of the same political
issues simply because they are
Alice Paul was crazy
The tactics used by Alice
Paul crossed the line
You would support Carrie
You would support Alice Paul
Alice Paul was
psychologically unstable
and suicidal
Upcoming Quiz
Rose Winslow
Ida B Wells
Seneca Falls
Racist Southerners
Women’s Christian Temperance Movement
Purity Campaign
Susan B Anthony
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Carrie Catt
Western States
Alice Paul
State by State Strategy
Woodrow Wilson
Comstock Law

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