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Nexenta and Dell
#1 Software-Defined Storage and the
Platform combine to Power your Cloud
#1 Server
Lower TCO. SSD/HDD/Hybrid. Any Protocol. Any Workload.
100% Software.
Total Freedom.
All Love.
Technology Partner
Software-Defined Storage
Achieving high value IT benefits with Dell-Nexenta solutions
CapEx Reduction
OpEx Reduction
Improved Security
IT Service Delivery
Dell - Restricted - Confidential
• Eliminate high cost legacy storage hardware.
• Higher utilization rates with inline compression/dedup.
• Streamline & unify management of all storage resources.
• High level of end-to-end data integrity.
• Single controller or active/active in HA pairs.
• Eliminate forklift adds, upgrades, migrations.
• HW agnostic, hypervisor agnostic, protocol agnostic,
application agnostic, cloud agnostic.
Strategic Partnership – Dell and Nexenta
Nexenta – Inventor and Global Market Share Leader of 100% SDS
• NexentaStor – open source OS, OpenZFS file system
• NexentaConnect for VSAN – file services for VMware VSAN & EVO:RAIL
Dell | Nexenta Joint Engineering
• Global Support through Dell
• Nexenta is a Dell-certified Technology Partner
• Tested/Validated Reference Architectures 
Dell - Restricted - Confidential
NexentaConnect for VSAN
Key Features
Integrated File Services
• File: 10GbE NFS/SMB 3
• SSD, HDD, or any hybrid combination
• Fully integrated into vCenter
Performance & Capacity
• Improves VSAN I/O performance up to 10x
• Memory caching, inline dedup/compression
Reporting and Analytics
• Performance and health monitoring
• Capacity reporting
Dell - Restricted - Confidential
• Unlimited file sizes
• Unlimited file and mount point level
• 2 node active/active cluster
• Snapshot, replication, backup for DR
Data Protection
• Improves data integrity during stresses
Key Features
Unified Storage
• File: 10GbE NFS/SMB 3.0
• Block: 16Gbps FC/10GbE iSCSI
• SSD, HDD, or any hybrid combination
• 2 node active/active
• Periodic async replication
Data Protection
• ZFS powered end-to-end data integrity
• Software based RAID 1, RAID N+1, N+2,
Dell - Restricted - Confidential
• Unlimited file size
• From 10’s of TBs to 2PB
• Unlimited snapshots/clones
Performance & Capacity
• Thin provisioning
• 1TB dynamic read cache per head
• Inline compression/dedup
Customer Spotlight – M&E
Comcast Labs Innovation Center, Sunnyvale, CA
Create digital apps for connecting people to
entertainment and information.
Use Case: Software lifecycle development, QA, testing;
need high performance storage for graphics.
Competition: EMC Isilon
Why Dell-Nexenta: Replaced EMC for two reasonsprice/performance advantage and data integrity
of the ZFS feature set.
Solution: NexentaStor on Dual Dell R720 in HA configuration
fronting dual Dell MD1200s with 18 x 900GB SAS
Dell - Restricted - Confidential
Customer Spotlight - Cloud/Hosting
Wipro, Seattle, WA
US division of one of the largest global IT service providers
for consulting, integration, and managed/hosting services.
Use Case: storage backend for 2 new offerings Live Workplace - a desktop-as-a-service using Citrix
XenDesktop and XenMobile; Open Source Services integration and managed services. Live Workplace
started with 14K VDI seats, across 4 sites, 2PB storage.
Competition: HP StoreVirtual
Solution: Dell R720 fronting Dell MD3060e
Why Dell-Nexenta: Lowest cost/seat, best scalability, Dell support
Dell - Restricted - Confidential
Customer Spotlight – Government/Research
U.S. Government, Washington, DC
Office of Financial Research (OFR), division of the Treasury Dept.
Use Case: Storage backends for 3 different research projects - home
directories (NAS), backup target for another, and a cluster to be
deployed in a DR site.
Competition: EMC and NetApp
Why Dell-Nexenta: Lowest TCO, allowed the government to select best
fit hardware platform for scalability. ZFS offered superior data
integrity, data decay protection for their sensitive records.
Solution: Dual Dell R720 in HA configuration fronting dual Dell MD3060e
with 672TB raw storage.
Dell - Restricted - Confidential
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