VicConnect for Victorian Local Government

VicConnect for Victorian Local Government
Version 1.0
11 August, 2014
What is VicConnect
The strategic aim is to enable transformation of Government
ICT by offering a step-change that increases technical
capability, including ubiquitous, secure and more cost effective
VicConnect can be described as a private government ICT
network, sourced from the market, that will facilitate access to
best value, powerful technologies sourced locally or globally.
The combination of VicConnect’s secure private network and
the ICT market place provides a platform for productivity
improvement, cost reduction in key ICT services and
improvements in service delivery.
VicConnect is aligned to Principles
from the Government’s ICT Strategy
VicConnect Focus
Victorian Government ICT Strategy Overview
So what's involved in the VicConnect
Activities supporting the initiative include:
establishing the VicConnect Platform starting with the engagement of
a VicConnect Manager;
reviewing and revising the procurement and contractual arrangements
supporting the Government’s legacy Telecommunications Purchasing
and Management Strategy (TPAMS);
implementing and supporting the Government’s Cloud Services
Framework; and
enabling and facilitating the rapid introduction of cloud-based ICT
services to Government.
VicConnect Initiative Services
Supported by the VicConnect Platform, the VicConnect Initiative will
offer two categories of services - telecommunications and cloud
services to departments and agencies.
VicConnect Services
Telecommunications Services
Other telco services which
support productivity and/or
service delivery improvements
VicConnect Platform
Cloud Services
What is the VicConnect Platform
The VicConnect Platform, operated on behalf of Government
by the VicConnect Manager, will provide the physical
connectivity needed by agencies to consume ICT services and
will enable greater contestability among telecommunications
and other ICT service providers.
Suppliers will be able to connect to the VicConnect Platform if
they meet the Government’s security, interoperability, and
other requirements, to be known collectively as ‘VicConnect
Conditions of Connection’.
What will the VicConnect Manager do
The VicConnect Manager will design, implement and manage
the VicConnect Platform.
The VicConnect Manager will be accountable to Government
for delivering a VicConnect Platform that:
meets all relevant and agreed technical, security, resiliency, capacity
and capability and other requirements;
is high performing, meeting or exceeding the Government’s
requirements, and is scalable over time;
is open and standards-compliant;
is cost effective; and
enables seamless integration of multiple service
► Release an RFP to the Market for the VicConnect Manager late
this year.
► Initially transition of services early 2015
► Commence implementation of new capabilities mid 2015
For Local Government
► New commercial arrangements should allow access to local
government similar to the current TPAMS arrangements

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