Test Administrator Interface

Test Administrator Interface
& Student Interface
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Updated 02/09/15
Test Administrator Interface
for Computer-Based Testing
Test Administrator Preparation for
Computer-Based Testing Overview
To administer either computer-based training tests or computerbased operational tests, you will need to:
• Install the secure browser on student workstations or devices.
• Ensure that students who will be participating in computerbased testing are enrolled in TIDE. Note: This step is not
necessary for computer-based training tests.
• Create a Test Session and provide the Session ID to students.
• Provide students with a test ticket. When students log in,
ensure they enter their username and first name as they
appear on the Test Ticket.
Accessing the Test Administrator Interface
The Test Administrator
Interface is accessed from the
user pages on the FSA Portal.
• Access the FSA Portal at
• Select the appropriate user
• Click the Test
Administration or TA
Training Site icon
• Sign in using your
username (email address)
and password
Test Administrator Home Page
Starting a Test
• You must create a test session
before students can log in to
 Click on the tests you wish to
 Click Start Session
• The Session ID is generated
 Provide the Session ID to
About Test Sessions
Session IDs:
• Generated dynamically on the day of testing
• Linked to the Test Administrator
• ‘Address’ to the test
• Data travels with the student
• Can move from one TA to another and start where they left
• Request admission to the session as part of the login
process, and do not need to be added to sessions in
Approving Students
• Before students log in:
 Approvals button is not
clickable and says “Approvals
 Preview table says “No
students awaiting approval.”
• After students log in and
request approval:
 The Approvals button is
clickable and says “Approvals
 Preview table lists each
student and his or her
selected test.
Approving Students to Test
• After clicking the Approvals button, the approvals and test settings
screen appears:
 Click See/Edit Details to view student test settings.
 Click Approve to allow a student to begin testing.
 Click Deny to reject a student request to take a test.
• Use the Approve All Students button to approve all students listed.
• The Refresh button updates the list of students awaiting approval.
Approving Students to Test – Session 2/3
Student Lookup Feature
• Click Student
• Use the Quick
Search or
Advanced Search
Student Login
• After opening the secure browser,
students will use the information
from their Test Ticket to log in.
• Students will be shown a screen
to confirm their demographic
• Students will be asked to select a
test. The first time the student
signs in, the green arrow will be
solid. When a student is resumed
or signs in for Session 2, the
green arrow will be segmented.
• A test confirmation page will
appear, and students will then
await approval from the Test
Administrator to enter the test.
Monitoring Student Progress
After students have logged in and the Test Administrator has
approved them to begin testing, the test session table at the
bottom of the screen will display each student currently logged in
to the session.
Ending a Test Session
Ending Session 1 or 2/Day 1 of Testing:
• After students finish testing for the day and have reviewed their answers,
students will click PAUSE on the Review screen.
• After all students are finished testing or after the test session is ended, Test
Administrators will click the Stop Session button in the upper left corner of
the screen. An “Important!” box will appear, requesting verification to end
the session and log students out.
Ending Session 2 or 3/Day 2 of Testing:
*Note on Session 2/Day 2 Test Administrators will create a new test session,
and approve students to test. Students should select to resume the test with the
green segmented arrow.
• After students finish testing, students will click END TEST. They will review
their responses and then click Submit Test.
• After all students are finished testing or after the test session is ended, Test
Administrators will click the Stop Session button.
Timing Out
As a security measure, Test Administrators are automatically logged out
after 90 minutes of user and student inactivity in a test session. This will
result in closure of the test session.
• The Test Administrator should set up the session no more than 90
minutes before students begin to test.
• Test Administrators will not be logged out as long as students are
actively testing.
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