Instructional Approach - Centennial School District

Supporting the Diverse
Sue Bednarik, Intensive LS Teacher
Megan Heim, Autistic Support Teacher
Allison Kuchler, Supervisor of Special Education
Susan Klyman, Director of Special Education
 Matching instructional materials to the
needs of students (tool box)
 Matching instructional materials to how
students learn
 Learning styles, flexibility in how and what
we use to teach (student centered)
 Allign to the Common
Core Standards
Intensive Learning Support
Students Learning Profiles
Difficulty with executive function or self regulation that
interfere with their success (Language, short term
memory, processing speed and non-verbal reasoning)
Require additional time with appropriate instruction,
practice and feed back, smaller learning groups and oneon-one instruction
Students with Autism
Learner Profiles
 Difficulty understanding language rich
 Short term and long term memory deficits
which impedes on building connections
while learning.
 Benefit from discrete instructional models
that promote 1:1, 2:1, 3:1 sessions that
integrate correction procedures and
behavioral basis for learning.
Teaching Approaches
Direction Instruction
Repetitive procedures
Rehearsal of concepts
Errorless Teacher procedures
Ongoing Formative Assessments via Mastery
Tests and Oral reading fluency “Check-ins”
 Differentiation among learners
 Universal Design for learning such as visual
components integrated into lessons daily
Instructional Approach
Carefully constructed lessons
Teach explicit strategies
Introduce concepts at a reasonable rate
Help students make connections
Maximize instructional time
Provide the practice needed
Meet the math standards
Reading Mastery
 Direct Instruction
 Model procedures (I do,
We do, You do)
 Errorless teaching
 Multi-modal approach to
teaching (Visual & Vocal)
 Differentiation via fast
 Language component*
“The Styer-Fitzgerald Program for
Functional Academics is a
comprehensive approach to
teaching real world skills to
students with mild, moderate and
severe disabilities.”
Who would benefit from this program?
Any and all students whose IEPs reflect a
need for INTENSE FOCUS on functional
academics, daily living skill instruction, and/or
pre-vocational training
•Scope and Sequence spans K – 12
•Aligned with PA Alternate Standards (and PASA)
•13+ Instructional Units at both levels with teacher
guides and Iesson plans
•Aligned assessments
•IEP goals and progress monitoring tools
•Guidance charts for developed the Present Levels
section of the IEP
•Materials also provided on CD
•Has a strong research basis
How would this support the Life Skills
classrooms at Centennial?
Typically, the students who receive most of
their instruction within the LSS classes fit this
learner profile, and the program is cohesive
and continuous in nature.
Can this program help other Centennial
ABSOLUTELY! Any students whose IEPs
reflect a need for functional reading or math
instruction, support toward developing skills in
independent living, and/or support for
developing pre-vocational skills, can strongly
benefit from some or all of this program.
What to purchase for 2012/13:
2 Elementary classroom sets
2 Secondary classroom sets
10 add’l Student Assessment booklets at each level
What to purchase for 2013/14*:
add’l Student Assessment booklets as need for new
*it is very likely that it will take a student several IEPs (ie, several school years) to master all aspects of the curriculum,
and therefore will not necessarily begin a new Assessment booklet immediately at the start of a new school year;
however, the materials should still be available for newly transitioning students
Budget Considerations
* Reading Mastery
12/13 school year $ 18,000
13/14 school year $40,000
* Connecting Math Concepts
12/13 school year $14,000
13/14 school year $15,000
* Touch Math
12/13 school year $400.00
13/14 school year$10,000
Styer-Fitzgerald for Functional Academics
12/13 school year $8,000
13/14 school year $2,000
* Materials currently being used with students as necessary for the start of the school year.
Purchased through ACCESS funds.

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