Mission Impossible? No Way! The New IEPs and Summary of

Mission Impossible? No Way!
The New IEP and
Summary of Performance (SoP)
Karen Goehl
Indiana Secondary Transition Resource Center (INSTRC)
Indiana Institute on Disability and Community
Matt Johnson
Effective and Compliant IEP Resource Center
Blumberg Center
Summary of Performance is
Required by IDEA 2004
“A public agency must provide the child with a
summary of the child’s academic achievement and
functional performance, which shall include
recommendations on how to assist the child in
meeting the child’s post secondary goals.”
Federal Register Vol.71 No. 156 300.305(e)(3)
Who needs a Summary of Performance (SoP)?
The LEA must provide an SoP to a student who will no
longer be eligible for special education programs and
services as a result of:
• Graduating with a high school diploma
• Leaving high school with a certificate of
• Exceeding the age of eligibility for special
education related services
When is the SoP developed?
• The SoP should be completed during the final year of
the student’s education, however the process may
begin at any time.
• While there is no standard time frame for developing
the SoP, the process should begin early enough so
that the student, parents, and the LEA have a
reasonable amount of time to determine what needs
to be included in the SoP.
• The process also should be started early enough to
determine when the SoP should be available for the
student to use.
Who Completes the SoP?
• The LEA is responsible for providing the SoP to the
• Ideally, the SoP is completed collaboratively with the
student, parents, school personnel, and anyone else
who may be appropriate.
• Input from a variety of perspectives will ensure that
effective recommendations are developed that will
help the student in reaching his/her postsecondary
What are the Basic Components of the SoP?
• Demographic Information about the Student
• Postsecondary Goals
• Summary of Academic Achievement
• Summary of Functional Performance
• Recommendations to Assist the Student in Meeting
Postsecondary goals
SoP Key Points
• The Summary of Performance is a requirement of IDEA
and Indiana’s Article 7.
• The student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP)
documents much of the same information that can be
included in the student’s SoP.
• The SoP should be finalized at the end of the student’s
academic career but started early enough to be a
meaningful tool for the student.
• Participation of the student in developing the SoP has
a great impact on the student’s ability to achieve
his/her postsecondary goals.
SoP Adoption Process
• New form approved by DOE legal department
• Change Request submitted to IIEP stakeholder
– Committee looks at possible changes to IEP
program required for the creation of the new SoP
form in IIEP
– Once the form is approved then the changes to
IIEP will begin and the form added to the system
Transition and IIEP
• The transition process is modeled after the
ISTART7 design
• All of the transition requirements are
embedded in the IEP
• The age or grade level of a student will initiate
the transition prompts throughout the system
• Users may manually select the transition
components as well
Transition and IIEP
• For the most part the transition process stays
the same with few changes.
• Looking through IIEP will best highlight the
new components.
• Let us take a look!

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