Third Grade Reading Parent Power Point

Third Grade Parent Meeting
September 19,2014
Third Grade Reading
Assessments and the
Third Grade Reading
Using data to help your student succeed
Third Grade Reading Guarantee (TGRG):
All students in grades K-3 are required to take an approved
vendor assessment (STAR) or state diagnostic assessment.
Batavia Elementary uses STAR Reading for this purpose. All
students must be assessed for the TGRG by September 30.
Students who score below benchmark on STAR Reading in the
fall (urgent or intervention level) are identified as a student
needing a Reading Improvement Monitoring Plan (RIMP)
Students who are identified on a RIMP receive Corrective
Reading daily. Corrective Reading addresses decoding and
comprehension deficiencies in reading.
 Reading
Improvement Plan
Highly Qualified Teacher
Corrective Reading
Orton-Gillingham (Garrison/Harig)
A letter has been mailed home to you regarding your child if
they are put on a RIMP plan. We will also be discussing their
RIMPS during Parent Teacher Conferences and parent
meetings through out the year.
OAA Information
Fall Reading OAA – October 7 : All students will take the Fall
OAA unless they are exempt on their IEP.
Test results will arrive mid to late November
Students must achieve a score of 394 or higher for the purpose
of the TGRG. This does include students on an IEP and 504.
Students who do not achieve a passing score of 400 will be
able to take the Spring OAA.
Students who do not pass the Spring OAA will be invited to
attend our summer intervention. Students will be provided with
another opportunity to pass the OAA.
Meeting the Requirements of the TGRG:
 Students
must pass an OAA assessment (Fall, Spring, or
Summer) with a minimum score of 394
 Alternatives to the OAA – The state allows us to use the
Terra Nova test as an alternative to the OAA. We give this
assessment in March. The cut score for this assessment
has not been released yet for the 2014-2015 school year.
Last year, the score was 593.
Students who score 400 or higher
 If
your student passes the fall OAA with a 400 or better,
they will be taking the Next Generation Assessment
(formally known as PARCC)
 The cut score of 394 is for the purpose of the TGRG only
 The NGA is based on common core standards.
 The NGA can be taken either paper/pencil or on
Our Results:
2013 – 65% students passed
(400 or higher)
Spring 2014 – 95% students
passed (400 or higher)
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