TM22_05_13 - Hydrological Society of South Australia Inc.

Technical Meeting
Wednesday, 22 May 2013, 5.30pm
5.30pm – Nibbles and Drinks
Meet the Speaker
6:15pm – Presentation
Charles Hawker Centre, Waite Campus
Presentation to commence – 6.15pm
Technical Inputs to Water Allocation Plans
Presented by:
Steve Barnett and Kumar Savadamuthu
Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources
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Hydrological Society of SA Inc and International Assoc of Hydrogeologists (SA Branch)
Technical Meeting Wednesday 22 May 2013
at the Adelaide University Charles Hawker Centre, Waite Rd, Urrbrae
Technical Inputs to Water Allocation Plans (WAPs)
The formulation of WAPs requires considerable scientific input to determine the resource capacities (ie sustainable
limits for groundwater and surface water use), environmental water requirements, monitoring regimes and
appropriate policies to protect the resource and existing users. Kumar Savadamuthu and Steve Barnett (DEWNR) will
present the philosophy and technical approaches used to provide these inputs for both surface water and
groundwater resources.
Speaker: Steve Barnett and Kumar Savadamuthu, Department of Environment, Water and Natural
Steve Barnett is Principal Hydrogeologist with DEWNR and has over 30 years experience in the assessment and
management of groundwater resources in SA. He has made technical contributions to 10 WAPs over this period.
Kumar Savadamuthu is Principal Hydrologist with DEWNR. Trained as a civil engineer, with a Masters in Water
Resources & Hydrology, followed by a career (around 20 years, in India, US, Germany and Australia) that has gradually
expanded in areas of civil engineering, hydrometry, catchment hydrology, catchment modelling and management and
recently into areas water allocation planning & policy.

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