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Imperial Valley Discovery Zone
Imperial Unified School District, 219 N "E" Street
XXXXXXXXXXX Field Trip Information
XXXXXXXX grade will be going on a field trip to the Imperial Valley Discovery Zone (IVDZ). The
IVDZ will offer a unique way of teaching our new science standards. If you are interested in
more information, simply visit our web site at: IVDISCOVERYZONE.ORG. Please find details
about this field trip below:
Place: Westside School Campus
Address: 2294 W. Vaughn Road
Time: 8:00 a.m. (sharp) – 2:00 p.m. (approx.)
Cost: Free for students – IUSD supported / IID supported
Lunch: Lunch will be eaten at the Westside Campus. Students may order a cafeteria
lunch (see below) or pack a lunch from home. If you choose to order a cafeteria lunch for
your child, please send this form back by XXXXXXXXX in order to give our cafeteria
opportunity to prepare for the meals.
In order for your child to participate, we need your permission. Please fill out and return the
bottom of this form along with the school’s permission slip by XXXXXXXX.
Unfortunately, we will not be using parent chaperones on this trip. If you are interested in
our model, please visit the website mentioned above. Contact information is listed there.
The school cannot be responsible for lost or damaged items taken on this field trip,
such as electronic devices. If you would really miss the item, you are encouraged to
leave it at home.
We are very excited to welcome your child to the Discovery Zone and look forward to
presenting our new science standards in this alternative way.
Thank you,
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(Complete, cut and return bottom to school)
Imperial Valley Discovery Zone Field Trip – XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Student’s Name: ____________________________ Room #________
My child will bring a sack lunch from home.
My child will need a lunch supplied by the cafeteria. (cost: XXXXXXX)
If ordering a lunch from our cafeteria, please return this slip to school by XXXXXXX in order to give our
cafeteria an opportunity to plan for the sack lunches.
Guardian’s Signature: ________________________________
Date: ________________________

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