SIP Trunking

Aria – iP 60
SIP Trunking
What connection ? CO via GW or VoIB Card?
ARIA IP - 60
This document explains the configuration that is required on ERICSSON-LG PABX systems when
SIP trunks are configured using the Goldtel SIP trunk service.
Basic call setup (Incoming & Outgoing calls) was tested with CLI (Calling Line Identification)
Please note that this document is Service Provider specific (Goldtel Telecom) and some of the
Details below are used as examples only.
This document is only applicable to the ERICSSON-LG range of PABX systems.
Goldtel Service Provider Details
The following information was received from the Service Provider (Goldtel) to complete the tests:
SIP/Proxy/Registrar IP: and
SIP Port Number : 5060 (UDP)
Sip account [email protected]
Authorization Name
Phone Number
[email protected]
[email protected]
PGM 101 - 103
Slot Configuration
Right Click
If we require 8 VoIP lines
then this setting = 8
Numbering Plan
PGM 104 - 109
What if theis
is not [1]
IP Settings
PGM 108 Gateway IP = Router IP
PABX IP Address
ADSL Router IP Address
The same range as the PBX
CO Line Configuration
PGM 140/141/143/146
CO Line Configuration
Co grp 1 = Voip / SIP Trunks on Slot 10 (1st Choice o/g)
Telkom or other SP lines will be allocated to CO Grp2
CO Line Configuration
Mode 141
Mode 146
Mode 142
This parameter defines the DID digit conversion
process for DID digits received from the ISDN or IP
CO line.
After removal of digits, Flexible button 5, the DID
number treatment can be a simple conversion (0),
no conversion (1) or simple conversion with table
look-up (2). PGM231
CO Line Configuration
Mode 146
CO Attr |||
Station Configuration
PGM 111 for all extension
This parameter determines the caller id for a station
when employing SIP for a call.
When using SIP, the caller id is based on the CLIP/COLP
(PGM 143 Flexible button 1 and 2) or the User ID
defined from the SIP User ID Table index (PGM 501)
entered here.{500&501 with 340}
Invalid entry Message- Mode 111 FK23 = 1 Sip User ID
Also Mode 231- 087 630 0 184 The last 3 digits = 184 Open
Station Configuration
PGM 111 for fax in and out going call
Station Configuration
PGM 114
VOIP Configuration
PGM 340/341 Firewall IP = WAN IP of the Router
IP address of the
Gateway Card VoIB
ADSL Router IP
VOIP Configuration
PGM 340 SIP ATT 1 (Actually PGM 500)
SIP Trunk Registration
PGM 340 SIP ATT 11 (Actually PGM 501)
Net working CO line configuration
PGM 322
COLP Table configuration
PGM 200/201
Flexible DID Table
PGM 231
Invalid entry Message- Mode 111 FK23 = 1 Sip User ID Error
code “Cause 400”
COLP Table configuration
PGM 450 Flex 15
N.B. After this step please reset IP60 system
Mode 200
Mode 143 – DiD=2
DiD REM = 1
DiD Enblock =1 On
Mode 146 – DiD RCV =3
DiD Dig = #***
Mode 231 – 550 – Ring Sta 100=150
Mode 201
Mode 231

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