Outsiders presention

The outsiders
S.E. Hinton
By: Brandon Gawel
• We are introduced to a gang of boys called the
Greasers. This gang is a tight knit family that looks out
for the best in each other. This gang is led by Darrel,
and the story is told through the eyes of the youngest
member and Darrel’s young brother Ponyboy. This gang
has occasional fights with the richer Socs.
Inciting incident
• Dallas hit Ponyboy, because Ponyboy came
home late. Ponyboy runs and finds Johnny,
so that they can talk about the incident.
Rising Action
• Ponyboy & Johnny are at the park, and a Soc car
pulls up. The Socs are drowning Ponyboy, and
Johnny kills a Soc. They end up running away to a
• The church catches on fire. Johnny and
Ponyboy are claimed to be heroes for saving
the children.
Ponyboy and Johnny
Falling action
• Johnny dies, & Dally gets killed by cops
– Both of these evens inspire the gang to be strong
and stand up for themselves.
• The Greasers have a final rumble with the Socs,
where they completely overpower and send the
Socs running. Ponyboy commits himself to better
the world around him, and is writing this book.
Literacy items
• Setting – where and when a story takes place
– 1965 – town and state are unknown
– The church
– West side and east side
Narrator – from what point of view the story is told and explained to the
– Point of views
• The narrator is a character in the story and refers to himself as “I.”
second person:
The reader is the main character. Narrator uses the pronoun “you” when referring to
the main character.
third person:
Neither the reader nor the narrator is the main character. Narrator uses the pronoun
“he” or “she” when referring to the main character.
– This story is first person – told through Ponyboy’s eyes
Literacy items
• Foreshadowing – hints at what's going to happen
later in a story
– Ponyboy adds suspense as he tells his story
• Irony- opposite of what is the stereotypical belief
• When the police are about to shot Dally – Pony
boy says “Don’t shot him….”, but we know that
Dally actually does want the police to kill him
• Also after Ponyboy and Johnny killed a Soc they
run away to a church. They save children from a
fire and are claimed as heroes.
Literacy items
• Mood – how a reader feels will reading
• In many cases, the reader relates a story back to our
own lives
– We can all realte back to a time when we were bullied or
when we did not agree fully with something someone said
• Moral – a lesson that can be read from the
– Golden rule – treat others the way you want to be
– You don’t have to accept stereotypes
• Rich vs Poor
– The Greasers were poorer then the rich Socs.
• Challenging stereotypes
– Greasers were linked to being dumb and only
knowing about cars. Ponyboy challenged this
stereotype by getting good grades and being
extremely interested in school.
Character study
• Pony boy – A smart fourteen year old boy, who has no parents. He
is part of the greaser gang, and the story is told through his eyes.
He directly effects the story, and teaches Johnny how to read while
they are hiding out.
• Johnny – Has a rough family background, looks at Ponyboy for
complete comfort. Sees the greasers as a true family.
• Darrel – The guardian of Ponyboy, he is the oldest Curtis brother .
He looks over for Ponyboy, and looks over the entire Greaser gang.
• Cherry – A Soc girl, cheerleader, who acts as a spy for the greasers.
She likes ponyboy and sees a true boy insider him, and doesn't’t
judge Ponyboy by his greaser stereotype.
• The judge – while he is a minor character he impacts the story with
his decision
Switchblade- pocket knife
Rumble- fight
Siege – a military type blockade of a street
Trap- mouth
Madras- a fine plain-woven shirt
Corvairs- 1960 sports car that was the first popular American car
Fuzz – slang for cops
Nonchalantly – in a composed and no concerned manner
Shanghaiing – to put by force or threat of force
heaters- slang for a handgun
Vaguely –not clearly explained
Mourning – in the act of grieving
Outcast – someone who has been kicked out or pushed from society
Cocky – being completely too sure about yourself
Liable – held responsible by the law
Guardian – someone who is legally in charge of someone or something
Juvenile delinquent – a minor who is not being controlled by his parental authority and commits a crime
Halt – end of movement
Flinch – to withdraw from discomfort
Abrupt – sudden
What does that mean??
• Before Johnny dies, he says to Ponyboy, “Stay
Golden Ponyboy”?
Stay Gold

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