Two-Minute Drill

0 Two Minute Drill is about a boy named Scott Perry. He is in 6th grade and is very
intelligent. He gets straight A’s and is the smartest kid in is school. It’s lucky that he is
smart because he has bad luck in two other areas-- he is a terrible athlete and his
family is always moving to different places. The moving means that he can never keep
friends for very long. When he moves to Bloomfield South middle school, he is in for
some trouble. Local bully, Jimmy Dolan, knocks Scott’s backpack out of his hands and
finds a picture of his dog in the backpack. This embarrasses Scott and between the
picture and Scott’s intelligence, he gets the reputation of being the school nerd. During
the backpack incident, a kid named Chris Colans comes and helps Scott pick up his
backpack. Chris sees that Scott has a dog (like Chris) and they become friends. Chris
plays for the school’s football team and he asks Scott if he is going to try out. Scott says
no because he stinks at football. What Chris doesn’t know is that Scott has a secret
weapon. Scott tries out for the team and makes it. So does Chris, but Chris might not
be able to stay because he is not getting good grades because he has a problem (I can’t
tell you what it is because it’s a trivia question). If Chris doesn’t get good grades he
couldn’t stay on the team. Find out if Chris can still stay on the team with his best
friend Scott by reading, Two Minute Drill.
The Game Show
Question #1
0 What is Scott’s secret weapon in football?
0 A. He can kick
0 B. He can tell what plays the other team is going to do
0 C. He is a great water boy
0 D. He is a fast runner
Question #2
0 What does Chris have that get’s him bad grades?
0 A. Dyslexia
0 B. Autism
0 C. A reading disease
Question #3
0 What is Scott’s dog’s name?
0 A. Brett
0 B. Rex
0 C. Casey
0 D. Max
Question #4
0 What is Scott’s football team’s name?
0 A. The Lions
0 B. The Eagles
0 C. The Bears
0 D. The Warriors
Thanks for playing

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