PresentersGal Neystadt
Kfir Segal
The wwe is in America
 This is where it was invented
Who created the wwe was Linda
The current name wwe is
different from the one used
when it was built 15 years ago wwf
In wwe there are two types of
battle - raw, smack down
Each wrestler has a opening song
he entered the ring with him
 Here is the wrestler's opening
song called "big show"
There are a wide variety of
wrestlers participating in wwe
 Most of them are fighting
togethe, but there are those who
fight in pairs or threes
 Some
wrestlers are the best
and most famous
 Most wrestlers are fighting
with power but there are those
who fight with creative tricks
like - Rey Mysterio, Kofi
Kingstong and more
 Undertaker
is one of the
strongest and recognized
fighters in wwe
 Undertaker’s tricks are
useful and cool
 John
Cena is also included
among the world's greatest
 He is very strong for his
height and can lift a weight of
Two hundred fifty pounds
 Rey
Mysterio is the world's
shortest wrestler
 But he wins big battles
 His tricks are amazing and
more than once he was wwe
Rey Mysterio
John Cena
The Undertaker

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