La Cucaracha Las

Spanish Songs & Lyrics
Workshop Agenda
Songs for Peace
TEMS Student Work:
Tina Lemke - Peace and Love
Sadie Edwards - We Are One
Animated Songs
La Cucaracha
Las Mananitas
Let’s Get Started!
Open PowerPoint
Save Your File
Create 20 Blank Slides
(Click Insert > Slide, or Press Ctrl M)
Insert Background (optional)
Adding a Title and Credits
Design a Title Slide
(use name of song or a different title if you wish)
Design a Credits Slide
Your Name and the Name of the Artist
(you can copy this slide and paste it the end too)
Insert a song into one of your slides
* Which slide? It depends on how you
want it to play and on the type of song.
Enable your song to play on all slides
Set Slide Timings
Listen to your song in Slideshow mode
Rehearse the Slide Timings
* Limit two - four lines of lyrics per slide
Continue until the song is finished
Slide Transitions
Add Slide Transitions to slides with music
Delete any uneccessary slides
* You may want to have a credits slide at the
end. Copy and paste the beginning credits slide
onto the end if you want to.
Type the translated song lyrics onto slides
Adjust the slide timings if necessary
Add Graphics and Animation
Insert or paste graphics onto the slides
Create different types of animation
for the graphics
* Try to coordinate the graphic animation
with the slide timing
Teacher Resources
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