Ancient Egypt Conflict

The Ancient Egyptians were a blessed
kingdom. Very few nations had their ideal
position, as they were protected by being
united as a people. The deserts protected the
flanks of Egypt, While the northern border
was protected by the Mediterranean sea.
The Egyptians and the Nubians were always at
battle against each other. Egypt fought with
Nubia for its gold, ivory, ebony and beautiful
black hardwood. Around 3000 B.C., Egypt first
tried to capture Nubia but failed to do so. The
Kerma Culture from Nubia was also at war with
Egypt from 1540-1075 B.C. Egypt eventually
destroyed the capitol of Kerma. Nubia is now
Sudan which is southern Egypt. Egypt and Nubia
also fought for the control of the Nile River.
Two major battles happened between Syria and
Egypt. The first battle was led by Tuthmosis the
3rd in 1479 B.C. The Egyptians won the battle.
The second battle was led by Ramesses the 2nd
1288 B.C. Ramesses tried to break through the
Hittite line to the south six times without success
until finally the Hittites were forced back to their
city where Egyptian troops surrounded them
from both sides. Eventually they signed a peace
treaty with the Hittites.
The final war of the Roman Republic was between Antony
and Octavian, which was the last of the Roman civil wars
which was fought between Cleopatra (assisted by Mark
Antony) and Octavian. After the Romans declared war on
the Egyptian queen Cleopatra, Antony, her lover and ally,
betrayed the Roman government and joined the war on
Cleopatra’s side. After the easy victory for Octavian,
Antony and Cleopatra went to a Greek town called
Alexandria where both Cleopatra and Antony committed
suicide. The Romans valued Egypt very highly because it
was so fertile and produced a lot of food such as wheat for
bread. The Romans controlled Egypt for about 700 years
until the Arabs conquered it.
Around 1720-1710 B.C Egypt was being invaded
by the Hyksos. The Hyksos ruled Lower Egypt for
a little over 100 years. During the Second
intermediate period the Hyksos took advantage
of the already weakened political structure of
Egypt and set up their own kingdoms. They used
horses, chariots, body armor and a new type of
bronze weapon which Egypt had none of, so the
Hyksos people took over Egypt easily. During
the period of 1540- 1300 B.C the Egyptians
copied the weapons and warfare tactics of the
Hyksos to eventually drive them out.
Who are the 4 people Ancient Egypt fought
what was one type of new armour or
weapon that the Hyksos used to concur

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