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Thursday, October 24, 2013
Thursday, October 24, 2013
Stacey Brown, IT Service Desk Technician
Stacey Brown, IT Service Desk Technician
& Access
Email &
Training &
Who works in the Service Desk
and how can you contact us?
 7 staff and 40+ student workers (TAs)
 3 ways to submit requests/report issues
 Phone: 704-687-5500 (x7-5500)
 Self-Service: HelpDesk Online
 Email: [email protected]
 2 walk up locations: Barnard & Union
 IT Services website:
“One Stop Shopping!”
Request Forms:
 Online:
 Guest/Sponsored NinerNET account
Cisco New Phone Line
 Listserv Creation
 Manual Network Registration
 By Request:
 Bulk NinerNET account spreadsheet
 Generic Email account
What information might we need
to process your request?
 Full Name & NinerNET Username
 UNC Charlotte ID (800 number)
 Location and Extension (or Contact Phone)
 Full Computer Name and/or Serial Number
 MAC Address & IP Address
 Account or Fund Number
 PO Number or Reference Number
Troubleshooting you can do before
contacting the Service Desk:
 Verify cables and cords are plugged in
 Capture error message in screenshot
 Close the application, wait, then reopen it
 Try using a different browser
 Shutdown and restart the computer
 Check the Message Center for outages
 Use Google to search for information
Topics the Service Desk
Does Not Support:
 Non-University Owned Computers
 Personal ISPs and Home Wireless
 Submitting Archibus Requests
 Building Electrical Issues (contact FM)
 Student Admissions or Job Applications
 Web Time Entry Issues (other than login)
 Send email to: [email protected]
NinerNET Account:
 Username and Password credentials
 Password Reset – PWManager website
 First try to answer security questions
 We must speak with the account owner
 Account Retention
 Faculty & Staff – upon separation
 Students – on the IT Services website
If you do not register for classes during two consecutive terms
(not counting summer), your NinerNET account is removed and
access to 49er Express, Email, and the University network
is removed.
Accessible from 49er Express:
 Banner Self Service account
 UNC Charlotte Email account
 49er Mart
 NinerAdvisor
 Moodle
 HR and Financial Forms
 Online Campus Directory
 Campus Events and Maps
 Adding money to “My 49er Account”
Banner Self Service provides
access to:
 Updating Address(es) & Phone(s)
 Paycheck Stubs & Leave Balances
 Confirming Confidentiality Agreement
 Faculty & Advising information
 Detailed and Summary Class Lists
 Registration and Student Accounts
 Ordering Official Transcripts
Banner INB also known as Banner
Production or BANPROD:
 Banner Modules:
 HR and Finance
 Student
 Financial Aid
 Advancement
 To request a Banner INB account follow the
instructions on the IT Services website
Additional Accounts and Access:
 Report Express
 Report Central
 DNA Fusion (swipe card access)
 49er Connect
 Skillport (more training info to come)
 SAM and NORM
 Resource 25
 Others…
How can you access your
UNC Charlotte Email account?
 Using Outlook 2010 (PC), 2011 (Mac)
 Setup steps on the IT Services website
 Via Outlook Web App (OWA)
 or via 49er Express
 Via Mobile Device
 Setup steps on the IT Services website
 Via Citrix (more info on this topic later)
Additional Email Account
 Maximum Attachment Size
 Clearing Email Cache
 Email Quarantine (block SPAM)
 Email Alias
 Outlook Personal Folders
 Secondary Mailbox/account access
 Email Archive
 Information is on the IT Services website
Phone, Voicemail and
Telecom Services:
 Meet-Me Conference Reservations
 4 conference lines available
 Voicemail Pin Reset (need the extension)
 Phone Display update and Voicemail reset
 Need the person’s NinerNET username
 Network Cables and Port Activation
 Installation of New Network Jack
 Phone Bill Questions
Phone & Extension Changes;
Requests and Problems:
 Please provide the following information:
 Cisco Phone Model
 Phone Extension
 Person’s Name & NinerNET Username
 Phone Location
 Phone MAC Address
 Account or Fund Number
Listservs and Distribution Groups:
 A Listserv is an owner maintained mailing
list allowing a person to send one email to
the list which then transparently sends the
email to all the list members.
 Listserv request form is online
 A Distribution Group is an Outlook Contact
list an individual can create in order to send
a single email to a list of desired recipients.
 Google Search to find instructions on
how to create a Contact Group
Campus Licensed Software:
 A standard campus image contains Office
2010 and Windows 7, or Office 2011 and
OXS 10.8 for Mac
 Officially supported browsers:
 IE8
 Firefox
 Safari
 Chrome is widely used but not officially
supported for all University resources
Hardware Installation Request:
 Required Information
 PO Number
 Person’s Name & NinerNET Username
 Setup Location
 Contact Phone Number
 Model – Desktop or Laptop
 Operating System – Windows or Mac
 Network and/or Local Printer Setup?
Software Installation Request:
 Required Information:
 Person’s Name & NinerNET Username
 Full Computer Name & IP Address
 Software Product Name and Version
 Operating System – Windows or Mac
 If a License is needed, has it already
been purchased? If not, purchase in
49er Mart before requesting installation.
 A list of Campus Software is online
Hardware Purchases:
 Hardware Manufacturers available for
Campus Hardware Purchases in 49er Mart
 Dell
 Apple
 Hardware Manufactures available for
Personal Computer Purchases
 Dell
 Hewlett-Packard (HP)
 Apple
Student Workers and Graduate
Students who need specific access
on their office computers:
 If a student is unable to install software on
the computer they use, contact the IT
Service Desk, x7-5500 and provide:
 Person’s Name and Username
 Full Computer Name & IP Address
 Location and Contact Phone Number
Software Available for Home Use:
 A number of software programs are
available for Home Use including Trend
Micro Antivirus, Microsoft Office, SAS,
JMP, EndNote and Cisco VPN client
 Additional information on software
available for Home Use is on our IT
Services website:
 The Software Download website address
 Skillport
 Banner INB Navigation
 49er Connect
 49er Mart & Banner Finance are in Moodle
 Obtaining Training Transcripts
 Human Resources Training
 Archibus Training
 For additional information about available
Training, visit our IT Services website
Mobile Devices and Wireless:
 NinerWiFi is our current secure wireless
network available to all current Faculty,
Staff and Students, see set up instructions
 A non-secure wireless network “uncc49er”
is available for guest internet access
 iPads, tablets, mobile phones, laptops and
other devices are used by Faculty, Staff
and Students across campus for viewing &
sending email, Moodle access, and
reading documents wirelessly
Remote Services:
 MyFiles allows remote access to network
drives including H:, J:, and S:
 Software applications including Office,
SAS, SPSS, Adobe Reader and more are
available via Citrix XenApp
 Cisco VPN software, available from the
software download website, and Windows
Remote Desktop are additional ways to
remotely connect to the campus network
Call the IT Service Desk, x7-5500
IT Service Desk:
      
[email protected]

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