Miami Hoops Basketball, Inc.

Miami Hoops
Basketball, Inc.
“Where Every Camper Is A Champion”
To Establish an Elite Basketball
Organization that provides young
athletes with the opportunity to reach
their full potential as basketball
players, while also developing the
work ethic, discipline, academic
motivation, and pursuit of a healthy &
successful lifestyle.
To establish a Rich Basketball Culture in South
Florida through our Innovative Basketball
Developmental Program. Miami Hoops Basketball,
Inc. will provide a structured, positive, and fun
environment for boys and girls, who will have the
opportunity to improve their individual skills while
learning the values of teamwork. Our directors will
emphasize advanced technical fundamentals,
leadership development, and sportsmanship. Our
community's most respected basketball coaches
will guide and mentor players participating in the
Miami Hoops Basketball Camp.
To consistently provide a focused &
structured learning environment while
instilling passion, work ethic and skill to
our basketball community. We will do this
through all that we do including all facets
of our instruction: at camp, at our events
and through our products.
To provide a competitive basketball camp that
includes quality instruction in all aspects of basketball
with an emphasis on fundamentals and skill
development. Miami Hoops Basketball will strive to
enhance each athlete's skills in an effort to better
equip them for their short and long-term goals.
 To give our athletes the necessary skills to perform
successfully in basketball and life with an emphasis
on sportsmanship, respect, responsibility, leadership
and teamwork.
 To pursue athletic scholarships for those players who
have the desire, athletic ability, and academic
standing to play at the collegiate level.
Spirit: Our passion and enthusiasm. We inspire coaches and athletes to get in
touch with what they truly love about the game.
Communication: We communicate our values in everything that we say and do.
We use a creative vocabulary to make our teaching and communication more
memorable and effective.
Hustle: We consistently look to do more than our share and more than what’s
Approach: Our actions are always aligned with our purpose. We are always
conscious of and consistent in our approach, making sure that our actions are
sourced from our values.
Precision: We pay attention to the little things in all that we do and maintain an
unwavering commitment to excellence.
Enhancement: We continually look for ways to make our curriculum, our staff, and
the athletes and coaches that we work with the very best they can be.
Communicate with players and parents about daily activities and
expectations in order for the Miami Hoops Basketball Camp to run
Place the emotional and physical well-being of our players ahead of a
personal desire to win.
Treat each player as an individual, remembering the large range of
emotional and physical development for the same age group.
Take reasonable measures to honor all commitments to athletes.
Do our best to provide a safe playing situation for our players.
Lead by example in demonstrating fair play and sportsmanship to all our
Do our best to organize activities that are fun and challenging for all our
Provide a sports environment for our players.
Be knowledgeable in the rules of basketball and will teach these rules to
our players.
Remember that we are youth sports coaches, and that the game is for
children and not for adults.
Directors & Coaches Will:
Technical Instruction
Fundamentals of basketball
Skill development
Strategic and tactical development
Physical Development
Preparation for games and practices
Psychological development
Think positively about game
Treat student-athletes and opponents with respect
Model the type of behavior expected of studentathletes
Teaching Points:
Treat each other with respect
Use appropriate language
Treat coaches, parents, opposing studentathletes and referees with respect
Play hard, but play within the rules
Attend as many team functions
(basketball or social) as possible
Always give full effort
Exhibit good sportsmanship at all times
Code of Conduct (Players)
Support the team in positive manner
Make sure student-athletes arrive at camp on time
Make required payments in a timely manner
Treat each other with respect
Use appropriate language
Treat coaches, parents, opposing student-athletes
and referees with respect
Never criticize student-athletes or coaches
Encourage your child to play by the rules
Never ridicule or shout at your child for making a
mistake or losing a game
Attend as many basketball functions as possible
Exhibit good sportsmanship at all times
Code of Counduct (Parents)
Attendance is key to player development
Being on time is important
Don’t skip stretching & / or stations
Let Commissioner / Coach know if you will
miss or be late
Playing time may be reduced, not as
punishment, but to recognize that
student-athletes who attend are physically
and mentally prepared to play
Student-athletes, coaches and parents must
show respect for referees.
 Student-athletes and parents should not talk to
referees or comment on calls. The only person
who should talk to the referee is the coach, and
this must be done in a professional manner.
 Referee's styles vary from game to game and
student-athlete's need to adjust
 Student-athletes and coaches cannot afford to be
distracted by referees' calls.
 Coaches and parents set the example and tone
for the student-athletes.
Respect for Officials
Stay next to the coach for instruction.
 Watch the game.
 Support teammates with positive
 Mentally prepare to return to the
 Let the coach decide on substitutions.
Bench Players
Positively encourage student-athletes during
 Positively comment about the team or studentathletes to other spectators.
 Support the player / team at all times.
 Be positive and supportive when things are going
well, but more important when things are not
going well.
 Let the coach focus on the game without
 Make only positive comments about studentathletes.
 Have fun!!!
Parents / Spectators
Make sure the student-athletes arrive to
camp on time.
 Allow the coaches give instruction before
and during the game.
 No talking to student-athletes during an
 Let the student-athletes relax and interact
with each other during & between games.
Tips for Parents
Miami Hoops Basketball encourages open
If a parent needs clarification on an issue,
please speak with the commissioner / coach
or director.
If a parent has a concern, please wait 24
hours before discussing the issue (unless it is
an emergency).
If not satisfied, concerns should be discussed
in a meeting with the directors & the
 1st
Warning - Informal
discussion with student-athlete
or parent.
 2nd Warning - Formal discussion
with student-athlete or parent.
 3rd Warning – Ejection from
Miami Hoops Basketball Camp.
Violation of Camp Policies

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