Youth Driving Survey for Residential, Group, TLP and ILA providers

Efforts and Challenges of
Missouri’s Residential
Treatment, Group Home,
Transitional &
Independent Living
Surveys completed February 2014, in
collaboration with Missouri’s public &
private child welfare agencies
Results reported out by Missouri
Alliance for Children and Families
“Foster youth are at a tremendous disadvantage
compared to other youth in the community due to
their inability to access driver’s education and
insurance. This creates problems for attaining
employment and enrolling in higher education.”
“I would love for there to be some way to directly
teach residents how to drive. I think teaching our
residents how to drive would be one of the most
useful skills they would be able to use once they
transition out of care.”
Missouri residential
treatment, group home,
transitional and
independent living
service providers
43 surveys were
Providers surveyed
serve youth in foster
care legally able to
obtain a driver’s license
Boone County
New Madrid County
Christian County
Clay County
Greene County
Iron County
Lawrence County
Jackson County
Phelps County
Platte County
St. Louis City
St. Louis County
Jasper County
Madison County
Miller County
St. Francois County
Polk County
Saline County
Vernon County
Cass County
10 of the 43 organizations reported they do teach
youth to drive. A yes answer means they include
youth driving practice supervised by a licensed
adult. These providers made up 23% of those who
completed the survey.
Of the 10 agencies who offered driving
experiences, 2 paid driving schools and 8 used
their own staff and company cars.
Other agencies help youth with preparation for the
driver’s written test, but are not able to offer actual
driving experiences directly.
Four high schools and a community college
driving school were listed as services used to teach
youth. About 40% stated the school system in
their service community no longer offers driving
Three of the agencies listed private driving
schools: A+ Driving School, Bi-State and Sears
Driving. These services are available in limited
geographical areas.
Providers who had driving services available said
the Chafee Program helped with some of the cost
and coordination.
“In our litigation oriented society, the liability is
huge, but thanks for the effort. Perhaps trying to
limit liability for foster parents and facilities may
make this a more attainable goal.”
“It would be great for youth in foster care to be able
to get their own insurance without the burden of
foster parents having to say no.”
This is one independent living skill that is vital, yet
many foster youth have barriers that prevent them
from be able to learn this skill.
23% said they do not have the staff time
27.9% said they do not have staff with the expertise
34.9% said they do not have company automobiles
18.6% said they can not afford the automobile
46.5% said their insurance company will not cover
the youth to drive for learning purposes
48.8% had concerns about liability even if the
insurance provided coverage for the youth
10% said youth are often not placed with them
long enough to teach driving
46.5% said yes, they
would like to teach
youth this very
important skill
16.3% said no
27.9% said they would
prefer to help youth
access and pay for
other trained driving
instruction providers
in the community
Agencies reported that in
nearly all counties, there was
not public transportation
available for different shift
St. Louis, Kansas City and
Springfield reported that in
some areas, bussing and
metro services were
available, but could be
challenging given the hours
of operation.
Others reported youth often
do not have the money to
afford even low cost
If the youth attend school
during day hours, they may
be able to use buses in other
communities, such as Boone.
Others reported that in very
small towns, youth could
walk to work—but there are
very few entry level jobs
Others reported that youth
continue to have delays in
obtaining the required paper
work required to pursue a
license, such as original birth
certificates and social
securities cards.
“This has been a big struggle as
there is a strong desire to obtain
driver’s license by the youth, but an
inability to assist them in this.”
“Thanks for putting a focus on this
exceptionally important need.”

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