The Second Referee

A Second Referee is just as important as a First
While the First Referee orchestrates the match,
the Second Referee does the grunt work.
Serving as an Second Referee requires your
attention to other key functions besides
overlaps and net/center line violations.
Pre-Match Procedures
- Obtain the match equipment.
- Assist the First Referee in checking the match
equipment setup, team rosters, and player
- Ensure distribution and completion of Lineup
- Monitor the warm-ups.
- Confer with the First Referee to discuss
potential game violation situations and
actions preferred from you.
Communication with Scorekeeper
Before the match
Discuss with the scorekeeper the information
you desire:
- Scorekeeping problems
- Delays
- Time Outs used
- Individual Substitutions
- Team Substitutions
- Confirm when it is game point so it may be
signaled to the First Referee.
Before the Serve
- Be on the receiving team’s side to detect
it’s overlaps.
- Both team benches should be within your
peripheral vision.
Positioning (cont’d)
During The Rally
- Continually switch courts to be on the
blocking team’s side
- Become stationary before the second ball
contact by the attacking team.
- Stay on the attacking team’s side if you
might miss a net play during a switch.
- Scan the team benches before and after
each rally.
- Anticipate requests and fulfill them
without delay.
- Position yourself at the attack/side lines
intersection before the subs
Substitutions (cont’d)
- Face the scorekeeper, calling out the
player numbers (player in/player out)
i.e. 12 for 5
- Release the players right away
- Return to your pre-serve position and give
the court back to the First Referee.
Time Outs
- Signal to the First Referee the number of
time outs used.
- Monitor the teams and elapsed time.
- Whistle when fifteen (15) seconds remain
and when time expires.
- Prompt the teams to return to the court if
Control The Bench
- Address and settle any bench misconduct
right away.
- Use tact and verbal/motion/whistle
- Request the First Referee to issue a sanction if
- Always reinforce the First Referee’s decisions
if they are questioned or criticized.
(Remember you are a TEAM!)
Assisting on Potential Violations
As the Second Referee you should assist the
First referee by being on alert for:
Back row attacks
Attacks/blocks by a back row setter at the net.
Opponents reaching over the net
Ball handling violations screened away from the
First Referee.
Unsuccessful pancake digs
Other potential violations discussed in your
pre-match conference.
The duties of a Second Referee are not to
be taken lightly.
The actions and decisions of a second
referee directly influence the
administration and outcome of the match.
The position is as important as a First
Referee and should be given the proper
regard it requires.
Available Resources
• SAOA Volleyball Website
• NFHS Website
• NCHSAA Website

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