Navigating from OCLC First Search to WorldShare ILL

Lisa R. Janes
Public Services Specialist, ILL & Extension
William Smith Morton Library
Union Presbyterian Seminary
July 12, 2013
For many of us OCLC FirstSearch has been a place of familiarity
and comfort. As ILL librarians and resource sharing specialists
many of us have developed our skills with this tool.
Now we are stepping onto a new type of terrain, that is presenting
not only new technology but a new interface. OCLC World Share
presents bold, new possibilities for Interlibrary Loan.
In navigating World Share ILL we have to become
like Neo in the movie entitled The Matrix…
Be willing to step out of the ILL
familiarity of OCLC First Search…
into a “new ILL reality” called
World Share.
In a scene from the movie “The Matrix” Morpheus shows the neophyte named Neo the world as it is
controlled by the Matrix. Neo is mortified and begins to fall apart. Morpheus later apologizes to Neo
and he says the following: “We have a rule . We never free a mind once it has reached a certain age.
It’s dangerous. The mind has trouble letting go.” As we learn more about World Share we must let go
of FirstSearch which is truly challenging.
According to OCLC World Share Management Services many libraries are choosing this
web-based environment for the following: Shared data, entirely web-based, radically
improved workflows, intuitive and streamlined staff interface, increased visibility on
the Web and apps from the OCLC World Share Platform.
OCLC First Search
OCLC First Search
OCLC World Share
OCLC World Share
The Great Migration
At the William Smith Morton Library we began our
migration to World Share ILL in March of 2013.
Step 1: BEGIN YOUR MIGRATION! Has your library begun its migration into World Share
ILL? If not you should begin as soon as possible by registering for WorldShare ILL and
begin the process of creating your new WorldShare ILL account . Log on to the following
link to begin:
WEBINARS. They are both guided and self-paced. Log-on to the following:
Step 3: EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED! Expect to fall the first time as you begin using
World Share ILL, whether it is printing a mailing label or sending a journal article. You will forget
certain steps in the beginning and this is to be expected. You can always go and revisit the tutorials
and webinars.
Step 4: NAVIGATE IN AND OUT OF THE MATRIX! As you begin familiarity with World Share ILL, begin to
use it while you still have OCLC FirstSearch. You can begin to do your borrowing with
World Share ILL and continue to do your lending with FirstSearch. Since we are in the month of July
this would be a great time to begin your process and allow yourself to get more familiar with the new
terrain of World Share ILL.
Step 5: EXPECT SOME GLITCHES IN THIS NEW PROCESS! In spite of all the webinars and
tutorials, there are some bug fixes that are still being repaired. World Share is also
continuing to add new features as well. So do not be surprised if you see add-ons to
your user interface.
Step 6: GO SEE THE ORACLE! Do not hesitate to contact the representatives of OCLC
who can assist you with any questions big or small. Please contact the following:
WORLDSHARE! Create a manual for yourself based on the webinars and tutorials as well
as all other information you have acquired during the migration process.
OCLC World Share Resource Links
For a full list of migration resources, please see:
For support you can e-mail OCLC at: [email protected]
Thank you! These images are courtesy of: and

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