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Food is always an essential ingredient in every event and
party and also an important factor to make your special
occasion a success. If you are planning an event and want to
hire a professional to handle the food service, an off-premise
caterer may have the solution you need.
Off-Site Catering by Colonial Inn
• Colonial Inn is pleased to offer complete off-premise catering
and event planning service.
• With the ability to produce events ranging in style from
intimate to extravagant, we take pride in offering gracious and
reliable service as well as outstanding cuisine.
• Our catering professionals are experts in creating the most
impressive of parties, each with that special Colonial Inn
Off-Site Catering
• Sometimes your venue administrators do not provide you
with catering facilities.
• If this is the case, you can contact a well-known caterer, who
can provide you with off premise catering facilities.
Expectations from Off-Site Catering
• The company should have a reputation for excellence, and
living up to its name each time every time.
• It should be made up of professionals who are capable of
giving you customized catering services and facilities,
according to your requirements.
• It should set high standards for its quality service, and it
should also be able to provide you with excellent breakfast,
snacks, drinks, lunch, and dinner services.
Questions to Ask the Catering Company
• Can they give you a customized menu based on a specific
• Can they cater to a given number of guests in a given venue
on a specific date at a specific time?
• What are the facilities that they are going to provide you? This
is going to include furniture, including buffet, chairs and
tables, pavilions or tents, cutlery, linen, bars, etc.
Questions to Ask the Catering Company
• Are they able to provide you with the services you require,
with a given budget?
• Make sure whether you are going to get waiter service
included in the off-site catering contract.
• You need to determine the table service required for your
event. This can include buffets, sit down service, China service
or disposable table service.
• Are they going to provide you with entertainment and
decoration accessories?
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