SLO Presentation - SLO2013

Student Learning Objectives
Integrated Performance Assessments
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Student Learning Objectives
 Teacher evaluation
 50% on student performance
Ohio Department of Education
Student Learning Objectives
Ohio Department of Education
SLO Scoring Matrix
Percentage of students that met
or exceeded growth target
Descriptive rating
Numerical rating
Most Effective
Above Average
Approaching Average
59 or less
Least Effective
 Requires 2 SLOs.
 If you are teaching multiple levels, you can do one
SLO per level.
 If you are only teaching one level, you will have to
divide your SLO in some fashion. You could possibly
do a communication SLO and a culture SLO as our
standards are divided that way.
ODE site
 Google ODE
 Educator Evaluation
 Student Growth Measures (learn more)
 All the documents you need are there
 Student Learning Objectives Guidebook
 SLO Scoring Template
 Example of annotated World Language SLO
SLO for only level 1
 For your baseline data, use the LinguaFolio Novice Low
and Novice Mid assessment. Also for background
information and a proficiency check, use a preassessment as in this example. You must be advocates in
your district to explain why level 1 SLOs have minimal
 You may wait for two weeks or more, give an assessment
and use that as your baseline.
 You will still be looking for Novice Mid 1, 2, or 3 by the
end of the year according to ACTFL recommendations.
Student Learning Objectives
• Don’t back yourself into a corner
that will be too difficult to measure
• Allow room for all students to
succeed and grow
• Keep records
• Don’t recreate the wheel, work
Same old, same old?
Change in standards focus
More communicative
Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
Top Ten “Buts…”
 But this is so sudden…
 Yet another top down mandate…
 But this takes so much time…
 But I teach upper levels…
 But I’m a grammarian…
 But our textbooks don’t have this…
 But I haven’t had enough training…
Top Ten “Buts…” continued
 But I need to get my students ready for
 SAT II tests
 National Exams
 College
 AP/IB exams
 Life
 But my students will never be able to do this…
 But I’m going to retire soon…
Ohio Standards
Ohio Department of Education
Ohio Standards
Ohio Department of Education
Ohio Standards
Ohio Department of Education
Ohio Standards
Ohio Department of Education
Ohio Standards
Are you assessing these?
What do your assessments look
We need to make an honest
assessment of our assessments!!
What you can’t use....
 Use grammar based tests
 Use multiple choice tests exclusively
 Use vocabulary only based tests
 These are formative assessments that are not
proficiency based and do not align with our
Formative or summative?
 Formative- “forming” the students knowledge
 Percentage of grade?
 Practicing with the grammar and vocabulary
 Summative- “Summing up” what they know
 Percentage of grade?
 Do teach grammar and vocab
 Do practice with both
 Do quiz them on both
 Do give them a summative test that is interpretive,
interpersonal and presentational communication
What you can use...
 Integrated Performance Assessments
 LinguaFolio
 Any type of portfolio
 Proficiency based assessments
New experience
 Start with the assessment goals
 I can... (make them really student friendly)
Talk about my school telling what I like and dislike
 Talk with a kid in the Dominican Republic and compare our
 Talk about what I really like to do and do after the bell rings
 Talk about some of the people I know (and ones I wish I didn’t
 ETC. Whatever captures your students’ interest according to their
 The grammar
 Conocer/saber
 Vocabualry
 Hace..que
 más que...
 etc.
 The culture of the schools
 Talk, talk, talk,
 Ask and answer questions
 Skype
Formative assessments
 Vocabulary quiz
 Saber/conocer quiz
 Stem changing verb quiz
 Etc.
Summative assessment
 Sit in group and talk about school with classmates
and me. Answer and ask questions.
 Listen to the conversation and answer, summarize
anything that makes them listen to the whole, not
specific tiny words
Not multiple choice
 Write a letter to your host family that you are going
to visit in the summer. Show me what you have
learned. Impresiona a la Sra. Assessment sample
 We are teaching grammar, vocabulary etc. and using
regular quizzes for formative testing/quizzing.
 After each chapter, we are giving an IPA type test. It
includes listening, reading, writing and
speaking. There is no fill in the blank or pick the
right…. At all. It is showing what kids can do with
the language with their interpretive, interpersonal,
and presentational skills in the language.
 We use a performance based proficiency rubric for
these tests.
 For the SLO at midterm and final for first year, and
at the beginning, midterm and final for levels
2,3,4,ap, we will also give an IPA exam that we will
use a proficiency based rubric for to assess if they are
at the novice mid, high, intermediate low, mid, or
high according to level.
 We are also using the LinguaFolio checklist of “I can”
statements as back up and to let us know what level
they are going to fall into before we give them an
IPA. We will keep a Dossier of their work for this to
prove they are where they self-assess.
Three parts
• Language Biography (3 components)
• Language Background
• Interculturality
• Self-Assessment Checklists
• Language Dossier
• Language Passport
 Students only need to get 70% of the “I can..”
statements to be at the level 1.
Language Background
 Learning Inventory
 "How Do I Learn"
 Documenting Language Background (optional
Learning Summary
Language Activities
 Interculturality refers to the interaction of people
from different cultures, using authentic language
appropriately to demonstrate knowledge and
understanding of the cultures.
Self-assessment checklists
 Interpretive Listening Checklist
 Interpretive Reading Checklist
 Interpersonal Communication Checklist
 Presentational Writing Checklist
 Presentational Speaking Checklist
Self-assessment checklists
•Novice mid
•Novice high
•Intermediate low
•Intermediate mid
Self-assessment checklists for the SLO
 To differentiate between
 Novice mid 1,2,3
 Novice high 1,2,3
 Intermediate low 1,2,3
 Intermediate mid 1,2,3
 Intermediate high 1,2,3
 Any level 1 would be 70% of the “I can...” statements
 Any level 2 would be 80% of the “I can...” statements
 Any level 3 would be 90% of the “I can...” statements
 Note: The bullet points are only suggestions. You
need to complete the main “I can..” statement.
 For the Language Dossier, you will choose a
collection of work samples and certificates to
document your language skills, experiences, and
Language Passport
 The Language Passport provides a comprehensive
picture of what you can do with language. It
summarizes information from your Language
Biography, including when you reach what
proficiency level based on the can-do checklists; your
interculturality; and formal qualifications,
certificates, or diplomas. Together, the information
in your Passport gives an overview of your
experiences and competencies with different
 download papers
 print
 save in google drive/student server/flashdrive
 First year
 Don’t do checklists until semester
 Update beginning of year, mid-term, final
 Upload only samples, not everything for proof
Integrated Performance Assessments
 I am not telling you to completely change your
 I am not telling you to discard the grammar and
vocabulary quizzes
 I am asking you to “cross over the bridge” and apply
what they have learned and prove it in an IPA
 I guarantee you that your students will not leave
your class saying “I took 4 years of ... and I can’t say
a word”
Latin, Greek, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, ASL
 Adjust proficiency level to your recommended level
according to ACTFL
 See page ll in ACTFL descriptors
IPA (Integrated Proficiency Assessment)
IPA (Integrated Proficiency Assessment)
 New ACTFL Performance Descriptors for Language
 Use to develop rubrics
 Modify rubrics from ACTFL Integrated Performance
Assessment (on ACTFL site)
Integrated Performance Assessments
 Theme- shopping and clothes
 Have students go to a store’s website
Talk with partners about what they found on sale or what they
are going to buy
Write an email to mom about the cool stores
in Madrid and what you found to buy
Integrated Performance Assessments
 Theme schools
Read about grading systems/classes/ etc.
Skype with student in another country
Do a Venn diagram of comparisons and write a paragraph
about which the student would prefer
Integrated Performance Assessments
 Rubrics
 ACTFL Integrated Performance Assessment
 Tips
 Tape the interpersonal
 Assess interpersonal in groups of 4
All have to talk
 They have to ask each other questions
 They have to talk about the topic
Thank you!
 I hope all goes well in your quest.
 Contact me at any time, and I will try to help you

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