Road to Certification! - Central Texas Pop Warner

Playbook to Certification
Central Texas Pop Warner
Working together to get your team certified
Suggested Timeline that YOU can adjust!
• Communicate out during registration the need for a Birth Certificate, Physical and full year Report
• Start forming teams the first week of July
• Coaches can pick a team mom the second week of July
• Have Team Parent Coordinators, League One Coordinators and Little Scholars Coordinators come to
CTPW Certification Training Session - TBD
• Team Mom communicate document needs to Player Parents
• Begin collecting paperwork and reviewing the last week of July; remember Physicals must be
returned prior to August 1st prior to the first practice – you may be putting your association at risk!
• Complete background checks on all coaches and parents who have contact with the kids prior to
August 1st – you may be putting your association at risk!
• Week of Certification, have others in your team or your association review your book and compare to
the National Pop Warner Verification sheet
– If any of these items from here are missing – the book will NOT pass
The “Book” must have the following
2015 Participant Contract & Parent Consent Form (Player Contract)
Copy of Government Issued Birth Certificate
2015 Physical Fitness & Medical History Form
Full 2014-2015 Scholastic Year Report Card
Pop Warner Player Card
League One Roster
Certification Verification Form
Coaches Certification
Volunteer Applications
2015 Participant Contract & Player Consent Form
• 2015 forms are available in the
FORMS section on the CTPW website
• All Fields (except for the “Pop Warner
Official Use Only” Box must be
• Information on here must match the
League One Roster, Birth Certificate,
and Little Scholars (GPA)
• Complete the 2nd Page, the one thing
most overlooked is the Participant
Name on top.
• Make sure the Participant and the
Parent/Guardian Signs the Document
2015 Physical Fitness & Medical History Form
2015 forms are available in the FORMS
section on the CTPW website
All Fields Must be Complete
Information on here must match the
League One Roster and Birth Certificate
If any of the Insurance Numbers are SS#,
use just the last 4 digits
Under the Section of Participant Medical
History – please make sure each one is
circled. If any are answered “Yes” –
please enter Question # and Explanation
The 2nd Page must be completed by the
following Medical Professional
– MD, DO, DC, PA, NP or APNP
– RNs are NOT acceptable in Texas
Form MUST be dated AFTER January 1,
Copy of Government Issued Birth Certificate
• Review the original but keep COPIES ONLY
• Please ensure that the copy is an exact
duplicate of the original Birth Certificate
• Foreign Birth Certificates must be translated
• Each copy needs to be signed by the President
of your association.
2014-2015 Scholastic Report Card
• Student Name must be on report card
• Must be complete academic year with grades in all 4 grading
• If not or student has moved, must have all report cards
– Unfortunately, this may mean you need to go back to your child’s
school to attain report card
– This proves Scholastic Fitness Requirement of 2.0/70% per Pop Warner
– If requirement is NOT met, the Scholastic Eligibility Form or Home
School Eligibility Form must be completed
• Participants who are in Kindergarten 2015-2016 will need to
supply the form : To Be Determined….stay tuned
• Each participant will also need a completed GPA form which
must be signed by the Association’s Little Scholars Coordinator
– Tiny Mites DO NOT need a GPA form
– The updated form with instructions will be uploaded to the CTPW
website as soon as we get it from Regionals.
League One Roster
• Using League One, each squad or team must have a League
One Roster to use for Certification
– An approved Roster will be needed in September
– Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Team Parent should all be
• There may be no more than 1 Head Coach, 5 Assistant Coaches, 1 Equipment
Manager, 1 Trainer and 1 Team Parent on the official roster.
• Volunteer Application completed with a completed Background Check is
required for each of these people
– Information on this Roster must match the documents in the book
(Participant Contract, Medical Form, Report Card, Birth Certificate,
GPA from Little Scholars and on Participant Contract)
Player Card
• Each Participant will have their own card
• Cardstock Paper from Office Depot: Color TBD
• 2015 Player Card Spreadsheet with step by step
instructions will be placed on CTPW website after
our July Team Parent Coordinator Training Session
– Date, Time, Location TBD.
• Information on the card must match League One
& Book 1 Documents
• Headshot should show us the child
• AFTER certification, laminate the top half of the
Player Card so no changes can be made after
Volunteer Applications and Badges
• 2015 Volunteer Application will be
placed on the CTPW website as
soon as it is available.
• Each Association is responsible for
completing Background Check on
all adults who will be on the field
for practice and games (typically
coaches and team parents)
– This may not include MPR, Chains,
Photographer. Be SMART, what
adult will be alone with the
• Badges will be given to those on
the official roster
Pop Warner Verification Form
• All roads lead to this document – 2015 doc will be
uploaded to the CTPW website soon
• This is what will be used to ‘pass’ your participants
and books
• All items must be correct so that the player can
• To breeze through Certification day, please complete
this form with the following:
Circle Football or Cheer
Association Name (ie: FPPW)
Division of Play
Team Name (ie: FPPW JPW Black)
Write each participant name in alphabetical order
Coaches Certification
• Head Coach must complete Head’s Up
• All coaches must complete training and print
out the certificate
• The date on the certificate needs to be
entered into League One
• The certificates must be placed in Book 1 in
the order the coaches appear on the League
One roster
Certification Book Order
Team Book
• League One Roster
• Coaches Certificate for each coach
• Volunteer Applications for all who are on the field
• Each Player will be separated with a tab
• Player Contract (front & back, page protector)
• GPA Form & Report Card (one page protector)
• Physical (front & back page protector)
• Verified Copy of Birth Certificate
Game Book
• All Player Cards
• MPR Forms in game order after they are played
• Absentee Forms (used when necessary and
placed behind the MPR form for that game)
• There will be two binders
– The Team Book (Book 1) will contain many of
the personal information and must be kept in a
very secure place.
– The Game Book (Book 2) is what is needed to
be brought to each game for weigh-in and
roll call
2015 Book order will be given out at the CTPW
Team Parent Coordinator Training Session in July –
Date, Time Location TBD
After Certification, what’s next?
Found Some
Not all my
players were
here for weigh-in
Now get
Come back with
Come back with
missing players
and book
Questions? Email Stephanie Draeken at [email protected] or 512-751-8164
Thank you for being part of Central Texas Pop Warner.
We are looking forward to a great 2015 season!

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