Things Fall Apart IOP

Things Fall Apart IOP
Emily Werner
Block 1-4
In the tragic novel, Things Fall Apart, Chinua
Achebe illustrates the theme that actions have
consequences through the use of a simile,
flashback, and symbol.
#6 How does Ikemefuna’s death impact
Nwoye’s relationship with his father?
Quick Answer
• Nwoye’s relationship with his father worsens
after Ikemefuna’s death.
• He is afraid of his father and they become
even more distant than before.
(Page 63)
(Page 149)
Connection 1
(Page 147)
Connection 2
(page 152)
Character Development
• Nwoye:
– afraid of his father
– converts to Christianity
– way to be himself
• Okonkwo:
– ungrateful for his son
– worried about the rest of his family converting
and him failing
– selfish
• Captivate - attract and hold the interest and
attention of; charm.
– “But there was a young lad who had been
captivated” (page 147).
– This quote is talking about when Nwoye converted
to Christianity
– Achebe uses this word to emphasize that Nwoye
had found something better in the new religion; a
way to escape his life and be who he wanted to
be, and it seemed to charm him as well.
(Page 61)
(Pages 61 and 62)
(Page 153)
• Achebe uses these literary devices to develop
the theme that actions have consequences
– Okonkwo is selfish and unthankful for his son
– Okonkwo’s actions cause Nwoye to feel like he
doesn’t belong
– Nwoye leaves home and joins the missionaries
– Okonkwo becomes worried that the rest of his
family will convert to Christianity and he will have
Author’s Purpose
• Achebe includes this topic in his novel, Things Fall
Apart, to illustrate that sometimes people will find
something new to believe in or a way to escape when
they don’t feel like they belong.
• In Achebe’s life, he grew up around Christianity and it
had a strong influence on his family, so that could be
one reason why he includes the impact of Christianity
on Nwoye’s life

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