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Reaching Goals and Achieving Independence
(REGAIN) through Higher Education
at the Blumberg Center
Providing inclusive,
postsecondary opportunities
and an array of personcentered services to assist
young adults with disabilities
to achieve academically,
advocate successfully, and
engage positively in the
college environment at
Indiana State University.
REGAIN Programs
Support Services for Student
Success (4-S)
•Designed for ISU-degree seeking
students with disabilities such as
specific learning disability, ADHD,
and Autism Spectrum Disorder
who need services beyond
federally mandated reasonable
•Establishment of 4-S program will
offer the first such fee-based
services program at a four-year
state university in Indiana.
Career and Life Instruction for
Meaningful Employment
•Designed for young adults with
intellectual disabilities who seek a
career-focused college experience.
•Establishment of CLIME program
will offer the second such program
in Indiana.
REGAIN Services
Specific services* will be determined by the individual
student needs, interests, and strengths and may
– Supplemental instruction to support performance in ISU
credit and audit courses,
– Intensive mentoring,
– Skill instruction in areas related to social, personal, and
– Career and employment experiences and coaching, and
– Health and wellness activities.
*Services are fee-based and beyond
reasonable accommodations required by ADA.
Areas of Focus in REGAIN Programs
Services will focus on a variety of skills and topics depending
upon the individual REGAIN student’s needs, interests, and
strengths. Areas may include
– Academic skills,
– Social skills,
– Self-determination and
advocacy skills,
– Executive functioning
– Finances for
independent living,
– Career Exploration,
– Job Coaching,
– Time management skills
REGAIN Advisory Council
• Members represent state and national
stakeholders, persons with disabilities,
families, and professionals with expertise in
postsecondary education for adults with
• Roles include REGAIN program development,
evaluation, and improvement.
REGAIN Collaborators
Community, State, National
Indiana State University
Indiana Institute on disability and
Community (IIDC) at Indiana University
Department of Elementary, Early, and
Special Education (EESE)
Manju Banerjee, University of
Connecticut, Beyond Access Program
Department of Communication Disorders
and Counseling, School, and Educational
Psychology (CDCSEP)
Vincennes University STEP Program
Cunningham Memorial Library
Nancie Payne, National Learning
Disabilities Association Board
Disabled Student Services
IN*SOURCE Indiana Resource Center for
Families with Special Needs
Student Counseling Center
Covered Bridge Special Education District Student Recreation Center
The Arc of Vigo County
Special Olympics of Indiana
Career Center
Connection to ISU Goals
Goal 1: Increase the number of students with Goal 1
disabilities pursuing postsecondary
Goal 4
education at ISU and assist those students to
attain educational, personal, and career
Goal 2: Foster the engagement of ISU
undergraduate and graduate students, staff,
and faculty in REGAIN experiential learning,
research, and scholarship.
Goal 2
Goal 3
Goal 3: Expand and diversify revenue sources
to support sustainability of REGAIN
Goal 5

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