Kobe port tower-1

Japanese map
This place is Kobe Port Tower
This is a Kobe Port Tower.
This tower was designed
by Mr. Takeo Naka and Mr.
Koichi Ito.
This took 330 million yen
to build this tower.
This tower is 108 meters tall!!
This tower was renovated from
2009 to 2010.
This is now handicap-accessible.
This picture is an entrance of
He is Mr. Takeo Naka.
He was born in 1907 in Tokyo.
He was graduated from Tokyo University and his
major was architecture.
He got a prize by designing Kobe port tower from
an academic society of Japan architecture in 1964.
He worked as a professor at Tokyo university.
He passed away in 2008.
This is a night view of the tower.
We didn’t take this picture. But I thought that it is
very beautiful.
He is a character of the Port
His name is Captain Tower.
He was born on June 19, 2008.
His height is 2.5m.
His weight is 85kg.
Motivation for this project
Our topic was about “architecture” so we thought about
researching about architectures in Kobe.
We thought Port tower is a great symbol of Kobe so we decided to
research about Port tower, plus even though it is a famous
architecture in Kobe we did not know anything about it.
At first, we were not that interested in this building even though it
is a symbol of Kobe, but once we started researching about Port
Tower, we wanted to know more and more about it. Now we are
proud of ourselves that at least we can tell people from other city
about Port Tower.
University of Tokyo institute faculty of technology
Kobe Port Tower is wikipedia
Kobe character town

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