Opstad Elementary School
• Science extensions & enrichment activities
• Response to Intervention-Tier 1
– (Classroom based remediation)
• Enrichment activities
– IXL web based math resources
• Jennifer Engdahl-4th grade & Erica Acton-5th grade
– Raz Kids & A-Z Reading web based resources
• Funded by Opstad PTA Grant
– Nancy Pastrana-1st grade, Nathan Barnes-3rd grade, Sharon Piper-3rd
grade & Shelley Huestis-Reading Buddy & Math Buddy Volunteer
• Reading Club-Tier 2 Interventions
Opstad Elementary School
• Science Extensions and Enrichment
– Magnetism workshop for all first graders
Science Extensions
• All Second Grades
– Scientist of the Week
Opstad PTA’s Science Fair
• Over 320 students participated in this year’s
Science Fair.
• Super Scientists were presented awards.
Response to Intervention
Tier 1 Interventions
– Classroom based
– Provided in the regular
education classroom and or
monitored by the classroom
– Classroom based
– Provided in the regular
education classroom and or
monitored by classroom
IXL Math
Web-Based Resource
Erica Acton—5th Grade
Jennifer Engdahl—4th Grade
IXL Math -- RTI and Enrichment
Aligned with WA State Standards
Sample Problem
Class Progress by Skill
Student Progress
Opstad PTA Grant Funded
A-Z Reading & Raz Kids
• Nancy Pastrana—1st
Grade Teacher
• Sharon Piper & Nathan
Barnes—3rd Grade
• Shellie Huestis—
Reading Buddy & Math
Buddy Volunteer
“Just Right” Books Available Anywhere
Students may access books selected for them by their teacher anywhere
that provides them with internet access; at home, at school, at a friend’s
house, even the public library.
Security Even the Youngest Students Can Use
Teachers may choose whether or not a student will need a password to
access their assignments. If the teacher does opt for a password, it can
simply be pictures for very young students or it may be a “word” for
older students.
So Many Choices
Each level contains a wide assortment of books. There is a nice balance
between fiction and non-fiction as well as a variety of subject matter.
Most books give students three options. They may read the book with
some assistance on specific words. They may listen to the book read to
them to improve their fluency. They may also take a quiz over the story
to check their comprehension.
Inviting Books
Fiction books on Raz-Kids have colored pictures. Non-fiction books often
have photographs. When students are reading a book, they also have
the option to record themselves reading and send it to their teacher.
Built In Motivation
Each time a student successfully completes a task, they earn stars. Their
progress is also shown on the progress bar at the top.
Spending Stars
Students may “spend” their stars on their Raz-Rocket. When they first
begin, their rocket is empty. This student has already done some
Information for Teachers
Teachers can monitor the progress of each child. It even lets teachers
know which comprehension skills a student is having trouble with.
Messages and Bonus Stars
Teachers can send messages and bonus stars to the entire class or to
individual students. The next time the child logs in to the site, the
message pops up!
Response to Intervention
• TIER 2
– Reading Club
• Funded by Opstad PTA, Snoqualmie Valley Schools
Foundation & Title 1 Federal Funds
• Serves “most in need” students
• Students identified by DIBELS, DRA-2, RAI, & Grade
Level Assessments
• Over 100 students served this year, 30 minutes per day
for 4 days per week. SIPPS program
• Parent Survey conducted May 2011

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