6. globalisation - Prof. Dr. Saramma Mathew

Dr.Saramma Mathew
is the process of international
integration arising from the
interchange of world
 views
 products
 ideas
 culture
Advances in
 transportation and
 telecommunications
the Internet
interdependence of
 economic and
 cultural activities
Trade and transactions,
Capital and investment movements,
Migration and movement of people
The dissemination of knowledge
• Globalisation describes a process by
which national and regional economies,
societies, and cultures have become
• through the global network of trade,
communication, immigration and
• While globalization is a catalyst for and a
consequence of human progress,
• it is also a messy process that requires
adjustment and creates significant
challenges and problems.
• This rapid pace of change can be
unsettling and most societies want to
control or manage it.
Implication of globalization on
• The challenge that most global
educators are facing is to design
visionary and new agendas to cultivate a
re-vision of humankind with the view of
generating the learners’ intellect
necessary to cope with the complexity
of globalization as an evolving new
reality. The emergence of globalization
is making educators’ task more
challenging than ever it was
Implication of globalization on
• It must be the utmost priority of the
higher institutes to cater the needs and
demands of diverse population of the
global world.
• Higher education institutions need to
look for all possible avenues and to
foster their quality of education
Implication of globalization on
• In this evolving global context,
educational institutions need to
creatively operate out-of-the-box
attitudes and prepare themselves for
new challenges of the 21st century and
establish more networking,
collaboration, cooperation and more
importantly to embrace developing
multidimensional scholarship.
Impact of Globalization on Education
• Globalization is expected to have a
positive influence on the volume, quality
and spread of knowledge through
increased interaction among the various
Impact of Globalization on Education
• There has also to be a paradigm shift in
the contents of education with
substantial emphasis on the productivity
aspect of the curriculum
Impact of Globalization on Education
• More recently there has been a major
growth in attention to notions of life
long learning
• It would also call for adequate emphasis
on research and development (R & D).
• Commoditisation and the corporate
takeover of education.
• The threat to the autonomy of national
educational systems by globalization
• De-localization and changing
technologies and orientations in
• Branding, globalization and learning to
be consumers

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