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Partnerships Between
Truckers and Brokers:
Creating a New “Bond”
Presented by:
James Lamb
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Welcome– About the Presenter
James Lamb is the volunteer President
of the Association of Independent
Property Brokers & Agents (AIPBA).
A former DOT Investigator, Mr. Lamb is
admitted to practice before
the U.S. Surface Transportation Board &
the Federal Maritime Commission. He
owns, which helps
people start their own trucking and brokerage
businesses. He teaches a freight broker training
program around the country, based out of
Houston Community College and is the General
Manager of the newly branded brokerage “12PL.”
• The 2,500-member Association of Independent Property Brokers & Agents
(“AIPBA”) is an independent, non-profit association of small business property
brokers and agents. It is a "business league" under IRC 501(C)(6).
• AIPBA’s mission is to promote the common business interests of its
stakeholders and improve the business conditions for independent property
brokers, as defined in 49 CFR Section 371, who are authorized to conduct
business by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), as well
as duly appointed agents of property brokers.
• AIPBA encourages ethical business practices among its members. It also exists
to lobby legislators, influence the activities of regulatory bodies, and guide
public policy in a direction favorable to the small business brokerages of
America. Our members seek to partner and do business with shippers, owneroperators & motor carrier members of America’s Supply Chain team
• We offer networking and educational programs to our members and the
industry at large.
About the New SBTC
• The Small Business in Transportation Coalition
(SBTC) group has been formed in the interest
of supporting teamwork, cooperation, and
partnerships between independent truckers,
small brokers, and shippers.
• The SBTC is a network of transportation
professionals and industry suppliers who seek
to promote and protect the small business
players in the transportation industry.
• We are committed to fighting anti-small
business legislation, such as the proposed $4.4
million motor carrier liability insurance bill.
• SBTC is producing this year’s Industry at Sea,
“Sea-posium” on Partnerships this September.
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History of Tension Between
Truckers & Brokers
• How many people here are company drivers?
• How many people here are O/O?
• How many people here have
their own motor carrier authority?
• How many people here like brokers?
• What don’t you like about brokers?
• Small Brokers versus Big Brokers
What Does OOIDA
have to say about Brokers?
In 2009, OOIDA’s Executive Director
Todd Spencer said:
"The big broker should never be the first call
you make. Small brokers should treat you better
and work harder to develop a mutually
profitable relationship."
Why Should You Partner
with a Freight Broker?
• Brokers have the freight!
• When you work with a broker, you are outsourcing your freight
sales function so you can just worry about driving, not sales.
• To find spot market loads on the backhaul and avoid
deadheading, which cost you money!
• Better protection. Shippers have no bond
• You can profit by building relationships with the right brokers &
earn residual income by setting up dedicated runs.
• Don’t just make money through a broker next Tuesday,
make money with your broker every Tuesday.
The New Deal:
The Industry Needs a New Paradigm
• Ready or not, here E-logs come!
• Why do some truckers object to E-logs?
• Driver Harassment?
• Cost of the New Equipment?
• POLL QUESTION: Is opposition to E-logs really about
the inability to “fudge” a paper log?
• Why do some drivers fudge their log books?
• ANSWER: Truckers not getting paid a “living wage!”
The Linked In Poll:
Are Drivers Forced to Cheat?
Is opposition to the new electronic Brian N. says…
logging proposal grounded in
“I will say this.. I am thinking of taking a
truckers being upset this removes Trucking job in SD.. It has (it seems) everything
I'm looking for...I'm hesitating a bit
their ability to squirm out of HOS guessed it..."they" are on elogs..
regs, fudge log books & falsify
Why?? Simple.. Anyone who currently drives a
business records (commit fraud)? Truck knows and understands how utterly
STUPID the current HOS regs are. Do I "fudge"
posted 11 days ago • 119 votes
the paper a little? Of course. Sometimes.... I
•Yes 58 (49%)
•No 61 (51%)
admit it.. and I wish others would as well. It is
the ONLY way for true and honest dialogue and
discussion to happen.. “
Launching the New Paradigm:
Transparency in Transportation
• Key to Safety Compliance: Increasing Driver Pay
• Transparency in Broker-Trucker Dealings is key
• Big & Mega Brokerages don’t want transparency
because they want to hide their 22.5% goal
• Some unscrupulous brokers “earn” 40%
commission by stealing the fuel surcharge and
ripping off the trucker, shipper or both!
Introducing 12PL:
“Transparency Starts Here!”
• The Plan for Independent Owner-Operators
• Brokers should offer transparency and make their money on
volume rather than an unfairly high commission per load.
• More Truckers Will Want to Get Authority
• The Driver Shortage
• The Positive Effect on Company Drivers
• Carriers will have to make working as Company Driver or
Leased Owner-Operator More Attractive:
• They will Have to Pay a Higher Wage
• Follow
For more information or to Join AIPBA, visit:
[email protected]
A Special Thank You to our Sponsors.

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