Xenocide - boothcummins2012

By Ian Smith
The setting starts in Miro’s spaceship in between the planets
Lustina and Trantor. On Lustina at the hive, and the bio-lab. These
are the main places the story takes place. It takes place in the
Miro’s ship
The hive that Ender and Valentine
go to see the hive queen.
Miro is a protagonist in this story.
He has severe brain damage and crippled
Miro is very intelligent
He has a very important role to play
A robot/computer intelligence
She can research any data base in an hour.
She can take any form of living things.
She can not under stand humans will to
survive. A ramen
Wants to have free will.
The rising action starts out with the meeting in between Miro and
Valentine Wiggin.
They meet on the bridge on Miro’s ship where Miro tells Valentine
about all the horrible possibilities that could happen to Lustina.
They arrive on Lustina. Miro says hi to his family members.
Ender tells Miro that all repellents to the desolada desise failed.
Ender, Valentine, Miro, and Pikit go visit the Hive Queen.
The Hive Queen tells Valentine of how she tried to take control of
Ender and that threw Ender telekinsisly she can talk to Valentine
After the visit with the hive queen Quim talks to Miro about
He tells Miro to man up just because your crippled does not
mean God hates you so don’t let people tell you that your
crippled for no good reason.
Then Quim tells Miro of the rumors the pequeninos are
That he must go into the forest alone.
Quim dies
The climax happens in chapter 12 Grego’s War. This
happens a little while after Quim dies. The friends of
Quim want to kill the piggies because they killed Quim
after the oath they solemnly swore. They tried to burn the
fence and succeeded. They yelled out, “burn them for
Quim and Christ sake”. Grego tried to tell them that most
of the piggies and mother tree where innocent and did
not need to die. But sadly his petty attempt failed and
some of the forest was burned down.
Forest burning out
side fence
*Miro and Ender talk about if any of us have free will.
*Wang-mu betrays Qing-jao and decides to tell Jane of what
congress has done to her master.
*She explains that the gods are just like the desolada they kill every
thing they don’t like and transform the ones they think are special
but the truth is none of us are special.
* Were all as ordinary as mud.
* Ender and Ela here what Wang-mu said
*They decide to get planter.
*Ela gets Planter a pequinino and brings him to her office
*Planter tells them what he knows including the way the desolada
changed the race of piggies the fact that Lustina once was a very
hot planet.
*He told them that when a massive war between tribes it becomes
very cold and the population of trees goes up.
Planter dies and starts his transformation into a
Ela plants Planter in the ground
Character vs. self: in Xenocide Miro has to face himself
in the way that he hates being crippled he will have to
except it and go with the flow.
Character vs. nature: the desolada desise is a very
deadly desise that al the humans on Lustina and all the
hundred worlds if the pigges get a ship and spread the
desise. Also every being on Lustina is enslaved
to the desolada desise.
The theme is no mater how much free will you have
you will in some way be enslaved. This is shown in the
book when planter says “ “Everything comes from the
desolada ,” said planter. “the third life, the mothertree,
the fathertree, maybe even or minds…” (pg.416).
The resolution is jane becomes in a way human.
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