Designer Babies

A designer baby is the result from a form of
bioengineering that allows one to design their child
and make it the way they wish it to be. With using
the method of designer baby you can prevent the
chance that your child can come out with genetic
disorders. At this time it is only legal to use two
advancements. These advancements are
determining the babies sex and screening embryos.
 At first, creating babies too suite the parent’s
needs was only a fragment of imagination.
 Now creating designer babies is closer to
becoming reality.
 Doctors are frequently asking do legal
experiments to allow them to create “Designer
 Some people say they’ve already conducted
experiments that were successful.
 Some were not…
This would be the first realistic hope for treatment of
many genetic diseases.
Those whose genome contains ‘dangerous’ genes
will be able to remove these genes from their
children, allowing their children to live a healthier
and disease-free life.
Can avoid hereditary disease, (Diseases passed
down through family)
Its been done before, that you could avoid
disorders too.
One problem can be dismissed at once is the worry
that the new baby will be vulnerable to hurtful
medical procedures; but it won't. The cells required
are taken from the umbilical cord, and nothing is
done to the baby itself.
During the process a number of embryos will be tested to see
if they are suitable. Some embryos will be not be suitable. They
will be disposed of. It is murder.
It treats the new baby as a commodity. "Is this a wanted child
or is it a child that's only being made to be a donor to its older
brother?" If it was the latter, then the baby would be being
treated as a commodity.
Each fertilized embryo will be assessed by the scientists. It will
only be allowed to live if it is a good match; if it is a bad
match it will be denied its right to life.
Some say unethical - many people say that this process is
unethical, and the start of a slippery slope that leads to
human cloning.
At the moment it is only legally possible to
carry out two types of advanced
reproductive technologies on humans.
The first involves
choosing the type of
sperm that will
fertilize an egg: this is
used to determine the
sex and the genes of
the baby.
The second technique
screens embryos for a
genetic disease: only
selected embryos are
implanted back into
the mother's womb.
Traveling through time. . . . . .
Traveling through time. . . . . .
In the future, the following are
-Choosing the child’s sex
-Selecting hair color
-Selecting eye color
-Having parental traits such as
-Also traits such as beauty.
 Futuristic
tasks of Designer Babies are
illegal today.
 Designer Babies cause death if the
embryo aren’t good matches, they are
denied to live.
 People who believe birth starts in this
stage believe this is murder.
 The technologies of genetic modification
and selection may not be safe enough to
be used on humans.
 Even if the technologies are safe, can
they be morally defended?
Reproductive technology is now a $2billion-a-year industry, and an
estimated 11,000 children a year are born after IVF treatment.
 In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), are test-tube babies.
 How much is a perfect baby worth? To an infertility specialist
pulling down $625,000 a year (they are now the highest-paid of
doctors), plenty.
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Chandler’s Opinion
Dr. Chandler Siffrain, Margate Middle Laboratory
After all of this research I came up with opinions of my own.
I think creating children with special and artificial features is an unessary process.
Children should be born with whatever traits they should receive from their parents.
I don’t have anything against people who believe in this, but in my opinion, these
procedures cause to much risk to the child. Also, for those who believe life starts in
the embryo, this is murder since some embryo’s aren’t good matches.
In conclusion, this form of bioengenerring is isn’t nessary and shouldn’t be funded,
babies are to be born naturally and not artificially nor modified.
Dr. Ashley Atkins, Margate Labs
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