W.O.W. – Working on Wellness
What is Wellness?
 Wellness is defined as being in a state
or condition of good physical and
mental health.
Did You Know?
 In 2007, the federal government passed a law requiring all
public schools in the United States to have an “official”
wellness policy.
 Have you ever seen this document? Have other teachers in
your district seen it?
 Who is policing your wellness policy?
Related Standards
 Physical Education TEKS 3: Physical activity and health.
The student exhibits a health enhancing, physically-active
lifestyle that improves health and provides opportunities for
enjoyment and challenge.
 NASPE Standard 6:Values physical activity for health,
enjoyment, challenge, self expression, and/or social
Great Ways to Get Started
 Get Active. Get Fit.
(Oct. – Nov. 2013)
 Let’s Move! Active Schools
 National Sport and Physical Education Week
(May 1-7, 2013)
 Jam World Record
(Sept. 23, 2013)
 International Walk to School Day
(Oct. 3, 2013)
Nutrition Programming
 WOW announcements
 Fuel Up to Play 60 Grant/ Resources
 ChooseMyPlate.gov
Physical Activity Ideas
 Running or Walking Clubs
 Fitness Clubs
 Jump Rope Demonstration Teams
 Step Teams
 Dance Clubs
Physical Fitness for the Community
 Fun Runs
 Family Fun and Fitness Nights
 Bike Rodeos
 Amazing Race
Physical Activity for the Classroom
 Just Dance!!
 Brain Breaks
 Fit Families of America (FFAME)
Sharing Messages through Video
 National Sport and PE Week
 Jam World Record
Contact Info
 Chad Triolet
 [email protected]
 www.PErocks.com
 www.noodlegames.net

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