Pfizer`s presence in Ireland

Alan O’Leary
SIPTU National Sector Organiser
Pharmaceutical Chemical and Medical Devices
A Brief Introduction to the
Pharmaceutical & Chemical
Sector in Ireland
Irelands largest Trade Union
• SIPTU general trade union- 200,000 members
in Public & Private Sector
• Pharmaceutical Chemical & Medical Devices
Sector 13,000 members
• Manufacturing Division 45,000 members
Pharmaceutical Chemical
Sector Profile
• 25,000 workers employed in Industry
• 9 of top 10 global MNC’s located in Ireland
• Highly qualified workers almost half hold
third level qualifications
• Ireland is the Largest Net Exporter of
Pharmaceutical Medicines in the World (WTO)
Pharmaceutical chemical
Sector Profile
• Combined with Medical Devices- Sector
contributes over 55% of Total Exports
• 5 of the worlds 12 top selling medicines
are made in Ireland & accounted for $27
billion in 2010 sales
• 2011 Pharmaceutical & Chemical sector
exported products worth 56bln euro
Pharmaceutical Healthcare Facts and Figures 2012
Leading Companies by Sales Globally 2010
IMS Health Midas, (December 2010)
Pharmalive, (August 2011)
Pfizer Ireland facts
Pfizer footprint in Ireland
Key facts:
 Approximately 3,200 Pfizer employees
 Pfizer is one of Ireland’s leading employers
and one of the largest pharmaceutical sector
investor in the country
Pfizer’s presence in Ireland
Dublin Treasury Center &
 The Irish sites manufacture some of Pfizer’s
best selling medicines e.g. Lipitor (cholesterol
reducing), Viagra (urology), Sutent (oncology),
in addition to a range of other products,
including APIs1), and Injectibles
GFS Shared Services E
Grange Castle
Little Island
1) API: Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient
 Global Financial Solutions Shared Services
Europe and Treasury Centre operations are
based in Dublin
 Pfizer Ireland’s commercial headquarters in
City West, Dublin.
Ireland Pharmaceutical &
Chemical Sector -Challenges
• Industry Growth is significantly dependant on
trading partners & EU economic activity
• Patent Cliff currently major challenge
effecting MNC’s in Ireland
Pfizer- Lipitor, Viagra (2015)
Novartis- Glevic, Diovan
Merck Sharp Dohme- Singulair
Ireland Pharmaceutical &
Chemical Sector- Strengths
 Highly Qualified staff
 Launch sites for new products
 Evidence of re-investment- GSK, Becton
 Stable Industrial Relations- (Pfizer 45 yrs.)
Irish Pharmaceutical &
Chemical Sector- Conclusions
 Industry is Strategically a very important sector to
Ireland’s economy –Jobs & Exports.
 Ireland remains a location of choice for top global
Pharmaceutical & Chemical MNC’s.
 Challenges remain- Patent Cliff & EU economic activity.
 Stable Industrial Relations based on a high level of
mutual respect and Trust
Thank You
Alan O’Leary

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